Flash! My new Kindle is here!

Flash! My new Kindle is here!

Happy dance!  :)

Now, a few questions you might have…

It did not come with the 2.5 update on it.  I ordered it on Sunday.  It came with 2.3.3.

I did the manual update.  Downloading the file took about two minutes.  Updating took about seven.

The User’s Guide I got is the 4th edition, not the new 5th edition one.

My reception appears to be much worse with the international Kindle (at least where I often sit in my family room).  Four bars were common before…I had to switch carriers to get one bar this time.  My old K1 got four bars right next to the new one showing two.

Oh, how do you switch carriers? 

Home-Menu-Settings, type 311 (only on international Kindles).

I think because my reception is bad, I haven’t been able to set up my Social Networks yet (I want to try everything…and I may use the Twitter one).

All my archived items, of course, were available.

I was able to change the name of this Kindle to the name of the lost Kindle.

I have set up new subscriptions to my three blogs (hey, wasn’t that a show with Fred MacMurray?).  ;)

I put on a password…but that may be a pain around the house.

David Derrico had sent me a review copy of The Twiller.  I was curious about this (that’s the kind of person I am), so I put an untouched copy of it (from Derrico’s e-mail) on the new Kindle.  Then, I put the .mbp file on the new Kindle from the old Kindle.  As I expected, when I opened the book, it opened to the proper page…and had the highlight I had made.

That’s important for teachers to know…you could make notes on a book, put it on your students Kindles, and they would have your notes.  You’d have to be careful about syncing, of course. 

People have asked about the super-large font…looks to me like it is about size 32 (which is a nice binary number for it to be…2, 4, 8, 16, 32).  :)  It’s hard to tell exactly, because I don’t have the same font on  my computer, of course.

It’s still charging (you can use it while it is charging).  It’s been about an hour…that seems like a long time to me, but it’s just a watched pot, I think).

I cleaned up my Significant Other’s Kindle.  What I did first was Sync and check (so my places in the books would be the same).  Then, I checked for samples, and sent them to the new Kindle.  Next, I removed the books that wouldn’t interest my SO.

So, it’s wonderful!  :)  It will be great on my next commute to have text-to-speech (TTS) back.  I’ll be more relaxed when I have my cover and a TrackItBack sticker on it.  I’m sorry I don’t have the custom skin from my offspring…that was lost with the old K2.  :(  I’ll have to put some personal documents and music on there, but that’s not too hard.  :)

Oh, and it will be great to have Collections for my personal documents!  I teach a lot of different places, so I have information about the facilities in small text files.  Having those all in one place will be a big help.

Thanks for all the concern everybody expressed (and felt but didn’t express) while I didn’t have a K2.  I still hold out hope the old one will appear…we’d probably donate one of the ones we have, in that case. 

I’ll start experimenting more with 2.5 soon…I’ll let you know if I find anything useful…or just weird.  ;)

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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17 Responses to “Flash! My new Kindle is here!”

  1. SallyC Says:

    Thanks for the info, Bufo. But I have one question – when you say you switched carriers, do you mean you can choose either AT&T or Sprint? I’ve got a non-international DX and one reason I wouldn’t want a new Kindle is because of the ATT&T carrier, which doesn’t have very good coverage where I live. I’m curious now if I could switch to Sprint if my coverage was bad?


    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, SallyC!

      It won’t be to Sprint on an international Kindle, unfortunately. I got two AT&T choices and a T-Mobile choice, although Sprint is certainly around.

  2. LuvMyKindle Says:

    Congrats on getting your new global kindle! I am sorry to hear about the low AT&T wireless, though. I’ve had my US K2 for a year now, and based on what I know about AT&T and Sprint’s cell phone service in my area, Sprint is far superior. I am considering buying a refurb US Kindle as a back-up, but even with the reduced price, it is not the best use of my money right now. I hope I don’t regret this anytime soon – plus, if there is anything to the rumors of a new Kindle model, I may be tempted to go in that direction at some point.

    In any case, I know you will still enjoy the heck out of having your own Kindle again and listening to Tom again. Hopefully the AT&T towers will “update” soon and you will have better whispernet again :-)

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks, Luv!

      Well, I’ll see how it is around town. It might even be different in different rooms of the house, different times of day, and so on.

      I do think the networks will tend to keep getting better.

      Yes, I’m tempted to drive further away tomorrow just to get more listening time…just kidding. :)

  3. Candace Says:

    Yay, congrats. I’m sure you felt lost without your K2. It’s only right you should have one when you write about them.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Candace!

      It does make me feel like I can provide a better blog with the 2.5 version in my hands. :)

  4. ArtWench Says:

    Glad you got your replacement. I can’t imagine how you survived for so long without it! I would have gone nuts! I let my battery run down one time and it was torture!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      ArtWench: :)

      Remember, my Significant Other graciously loaned me back my K1, so I wasn’t empty-handed…

      • ArtWench Says:

        Good point… but she was…. And if she’s anything like me… Well, its obvious he’s not since she let you use it all that time!

  5. Scott Foster Says:


    Can I offer a suggestion? Turn on WN, and take your K2i into an area where the signal strength is a bit stronger, so you get the 2.5.3 update.

    Based on what I saw on the 611 page after the 2.5.2 update, the Kindle support team added some code to make updates to the cell phone portion of the code. I have a hunch the 2.5.3 code had further updates to it.

    I know for a fact that after 2.5.3, my Kindle seemed to be aware of more cell towers, some as far away as 2 miles. I’m not a cellular expert, but I have to think that even being aware of more cell sites is a good thing.

    At the very least, it couldn’t hurt, could it? ;)


    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks, Scott!

      I’m on 2.5.3. :)

      It doesn’t indicate much of a connection, but it does seem to be syncing oay.

      I love suggestions, by the way…thanks!

      • ArtWench Says:

        Did you download the 2.5.3 update manually or did it just show up?

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, ArtWench!

        Just happened…quick, look! There are updates flying through the air and passing through walls… ;)

  6. Candace Says:

    Why is everyone on 2.5.3 but me? I downloaded 2.5.2 a few days ago because I didn’t get that update and it has remained at 2.5.2. Amazon, notice me!

  7. Al Says:

    I discovered this one by mistake, Shift+Sym starts TTS on my K2US with 2.5.

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