“The version you received contained some errors that have been corrected.”

“The version you received contained some errors that have been corrected.”

You know when your local brick-and-mortar bookstore calls you because you bought a book that had some errors and they want to give you the new, updated version?

Neither do I.  ;)

That’s what Amazon does with e-books, though…at least sometimes.

I just got an e-mail from Amazon’s Customer Service Department…and you may have gotten it, too.

I’ve listed this book as a freebie a couple of times:

Deadly Sanctuary
by Sylvia Nobel
published by Nite Owl (publishes Sylvia Nobel’s mystery novels)

Why has it been a couple of times?  It’s been offered for free more than once.  That happens, sometimes.

In this case, it did seem a little odd because it was offered free two weeks apart.

I assume some of you got it for free as well.

This morning, I have this e-mail:


Greetings from Amazon.com.

We’re writing about your past Kindle purchase of Deadly Sanctuary by Sylvia
Nobel. The version you received contained some errors that have been corrected.

An updated version of Deadly Sanctuary (ASIN:B002HE1K7O) is now available. It’s
important to note that when we send you the updated version, you will no longer
be able to view any highlights, bookmarks, and notes made in your current
version and your furthest reading location will be lost.

If you wish to receive the updated version, please reply to this email with the
word “Yes” in the first line of your response. Within 2 hours of receiving the
e-mail any device that has the title currently downloaded will be updated
automatically if the wireless is on.

You can find more information about Kindle related topics at our Kindle support
site below.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your business with
Customer Service Department


There are some very interesting things about this.

First, woo-hoo for Amazon Customer Service! 

When people ask me about the differences between various EBRs (E-Book Readers), and why I prefer the Kindle, one of the main things is Amazon’s Customer Service.  That’s both my experience with them, and their policies. 

The Kindle store lets you “return” any Kindle purchase within seven days for a refund.  Last time I checked, neither Barnes & Noble nor Sony allowed e-book returns at any time.  That’s just one example.

Remember that Customer Service costs the company money.  While there are obviously economic motivations to do it (customer retention being among the most obvious), they have to pay to provide it.

In this case, what would I have thought if they hadn’t sent this e-mail?  I probably wouldn’t have noticed.  The book might have had some problems and if they were too big, I might have alerted Amazon and/or the publisher.  It was a free book for me…I wasn’t going to ask for my money back.  ;)

You might say that Amazon had a responsibility to fix the book.  Amazon does offer that 7-day refund, but they can’t correct the file.  Only the publisher can do that.  They can tell the publisher to fix it, and Amazon does do that.

So, here’s another question…why don’t they just replace it and not tell me?

This is key…I might not want the new version.

They aren’t just doing something because it’s “good for me” without asking me.

I had a situation some time back where I had bought a book about the Kindle 1.  I thought it was great.  The book was updated to relate to the Kindle 2…I didn’t want that one (same Amazon Standard Identification Number…ASIN, I believe).

I don’t want it to be changed without asking me

Another good example is Amazon’s Every Word game.  It turned out that the game had possibly objectionable words in it.

People were offered the choice to get a new version or not.

Strange as it seems, when you  redownload from your archives, you get the version you bought…not the current one in the store.  You get to keep what you bought.  I have a book in my archives that has been removed from the store by the author.  I can downloaded it for devices on my account…you can’t, nyah, nyah!  ;) 

It seems bizarre that Amazon actually keeps an archive for us…that suggests that they may have millions of copies of the same file in storage.  Of course, they might just be able to save versions for each time there was a revision…sort of like a restore point on your computer.

Amazon is really good at cloud storage, though…they even sell it to other people.

I went back to research this particular one a bit.  I was curious as to whether the version that came out in January was the corrected one, and whether or not it had the same ASIN.

When I went to my orders at Amazon, I could click on the title in the January order…and it took me to the above referenced ASIN.

The December order?  I couldn’t click on the title and go there.

However, the orders didn’t include the ASINs.

Unfortunately, I tend to delete those digital order confirmation e-mails from Amazon, so I couldn’t go back and check those.

If you downloaded Deadly Sanctuary in December and still have your confirmation e-mail, I’d be curious what the ASIN says.

Bottom line: I think it’s great that Amazon offers you an updated version…and gives you the option to say “No thanks, I’ll keep what I have.”

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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18 Responses to ““The version you received contained some errors that have been corrected.””

  1. Judy McSorley Says:

    I have this book but didn’t get such an email. How can I get the corrected version? Thanks.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Judy!

      If you got it in January, I think you already have the corrected version…that’s my guess. In that case, you don’t need to do anything.

      You can contact Kindle Customer Service and find out:


      You’ll see a

      Contact Kindle Support

      button on your right.

      I’d call them or have them call you…I usually do the latter.

      That assumes you got it from Amazon.com (not Amazon.co.uk).

      Oh, and it’s possible you just don’t have it yet…you could give it a day to see if you get it.

  2. mp Says:

    I’m currently reading this (and just go the notice seconds ago)…i have to figure out where i am since it’s going to lose my place if i update…….

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, mp!

      You can note the location…although depending on what the problem was, that might not be entirely accurate. For example, if they repeated (or left out) a chapter, that would make that not work. You can write down a phrase, and then search for that in the new version.

  3. YasminS Says:

    I’m a little confused right now. I first got this book free in December. Then I realized (A) it was free again in January; (B) I got a ‘404’ page when I tired to access the one I got in December. So I deleted the first one and reordered the book on Jan 11.

    I just an email from Amazon, saying that the updated version is ASIN:B0046H9KM2; however, the version they have on their site is ASIN:B002HE1K7O, which is the one I got in January.

    So, yes, I’m a little confused. I think I’ll just keep what I have for now, and just ignore their email.

  4. Elanor Says:

    I’ve gotten this message three times. Every time for the same book (Lutheran Study Bible). I reply “yes” and nothing is downloaded. I’ve contact CS and they said they’ll update. But a week later I got the third message. Which I replied to again. I’ve still got my highlights which shouldn’t be there if they’ve uploaded the fixed copy according to their message.

    I wish there was a way to “see” it being downloaded or a message stating that it had downloaded.

  5. Brad Smith Says:

    I received the email and responded according to the instructions, but I don’t think I received the corrected edition.

    “Within 2 hours of receiving the e-mail any device that has the title currently downloaded will be updated automatically if the wireless is on.”

    The wireless wasn’t on, because I was away from the device and because it shuts itself off every 10 minutes, whether I want it to or not (one of the more frustrating “features” of this thing, I might add).

    When I did turn it on, several hours after I responded, I kept it on with the wireless connected for about an hour. Did Amazon go into the collection in which Deadly Sanctuary is housed and overwrite the old edition with the new one? How would I be able to confirm this?

    Or if not, was that my window, and I missed it? And if I missed the window, was my only option to place the Kindle on the passenger seat of my car and keep pressing buttons every nine minutes until the new edition appeared?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Brad!

      When the Kindle goes to sleep every ten minutes, it can still receive downloads (as long as the wireless is on)…you didn’t have to keep it awake.

      Yes, it should automatically go into the Collection and overwrite the old one, I believe. If you had any notes or bookmarks, those would be gone. I believe when you opened the book, it would be at the beginning of it, instead of where you had been reading before.

      If you connected your Kindle to your computer with your included USB code, you could probably see a “created” date, but that may not be worth it. :)

      • Brad Smith Says:

        Thanks, you’re right — I plugged the Kindle into my computer and set the view to “arrange icons by modified,” and Deadly Sanctuary is time-stamped just a few hours ago.

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Brad!

        I appreciate you letting everybody know here. :)

  6. Louise Says:

    I kept waiting for my updated book to come in and saw no evidence that it had. But I plugged my Kindle into my computer (as you mentioned) and–lo and behold–it had the file listed. The strange thing is that it has tomorrow’s date on it. But anyway, now I know that you don’t see “new” or have it change it’s position in the home listing or any other sign that it has changed.
    Just thought I’d pass it on.

  7. Louise Says:

    And I just noticed that your most recent responses and my previous comment have tomorrow’s date. Is it just me that sees January 20 on some posts from January 19???

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Louise!

      In the case of ILMK, it’s easily explained. I have readers in different parts of the world, so I use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). You can think of it as Greenwich Mean Time…it’s probably hours ahead of where you are.

  8. Terri Says:

    I’ve had a Kindle for 2 months now and I did not know that I could “return” ebooks! That’s amazing. Just another reason to love my Kindle!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Terri!

      Yes, the superior Kindle service is one of the reasons I prefer them. :) Service, selection, and price…three of the principles Amazon says that it follows.

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