New free game: Number Slide

New free game: Number Slide

Number Slide (free at time of writing)
from Amazon

You know those little plastic trays with the little plastic tiles with numbers on them and one missing space, and you slide the numbers around to put the in order?  At least, you do it that way until you cheat and pry one out with your fingernail and put them back in order, except you can’t quite get them to fit right and you end up twisting the tray until it snaps and numbers fly everywhere?

Just me?  Okay, then…  ;)

Amazon has given us a new free version of the game for the Kindle.  It’s free…I mean, you’d have to pay $3.99 at Oriental Trading Company to get a dozen zoo animal slide puzzles…and those don’t let you set the difficulty!  ;)

Actually, if you don’t mind having games on your Kindle, this is a “why not?” situation. 

Looks like the interface is pretty good.

One interesting thing…they have a menu option for More Games, and it takes you to the Kindle store.  Maybe they are making finding games easier.  I just checked that, though…it’s just the freebies from Amazon at this point.  Six of those show up…

As with other Active Content titles, it doesn’t work on the K1, but does work on K2s, K3s, and the KDX.  It doesn’t work in reader apps, and I assume it can’t be purchased outside the US.

You can buy it once and share it with all compatible devices on the account.

If you try it, feel free to let me know what you think.

For information on more games, see this category.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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