New from 7 Dragons: a Calendar app (and an update to Notepad)

New from 7 Dragons: a Calendar app (and an update to Notepad)

7 Dragons has figured out the right way to do Kindle apps.

It was exciting to see that they have a new app:

Calendar $0.99 at time of writing

It blows the Jujuba Software version out of the water, in my opinion. It has two of the features I thought were missing in that one: recurring events and searching.

It also has something a lot of you will want: the ability to change the background (gee, maybe you can put Emily Dickinson in there…she’s so popular as a “screensaver” ;) ).  Actually, it’s pre-set images, but you visually-oriented people will like having the option.

Speaking of visuals, if you indicate something is a birthday, you’ll see a balloon on that day. A “special event” gets a star.

Oh, and I have to give them big praise: the Help file has increasable text sizes! That drives me nuts in some active content.

There were a lot of nice features, but the nicest of all is that 7 Dragons makes it easy.

This is probably a good place for the

Full disclosure: I do have some correspondence with Abhi of, and he is part of the team that developed this (although he is always careful to credit 7 Dragons).

As an example of that correspondence (and how you benefit from it) :) , Abhi recently let me know about an update to 7 Dragons’ popular

Notepad app

He kindly gave me permission to post his updated features list:

  • Copy Paste – It works like highlighting in Kindle Books. Press Once to go into Copy Paste Mode – press 5-way again to get options.
  • Persistent Shift. To get capitals you can now press Shift, let go, type ‘a’, and get ‘A’.
  1. The largest font size is now bigger. Earlier it was 30 and now it’s 33. Note: Your current font size doesn’t change unless you go into Aa menu (by pressing Aa key) and change it.
  2. Anti-aliasing option on newer Kindles. On Kindle 3 and Kindle WiFi you can turn on anti-aliasing.
  3. Speed Improvements. With Notepad V1.0 once you crossed 100 notes you’d see slowness and would also see things slow down quite a bit once you got to 200+ notes. With Notepad V1.1 even 300-400 notes work relatively fast and everything is faster to use. More on speed improvements at the end of this post.
  4. Word wrap. Now words don’t get cut at the end of a line.
  5. Smart Note Save Notification. Now the note save notification doesn’t take focus and doesn’t stop you from continuing to type. Press Alt+S and the note save notification appears at the top and you can just continue typing.
  6. New Movement Shortcuts. Move around quicker using handy shortcuts:
    Shift+Next Page: Goes to the End of the Note
    Shift+Prev Page: Goes to the Beginning of the Note
    Shift+Right on the 5-way: Goes to the end of the Line
    Shift+Left on the 5-way: Goes to the beginning of the Line
    You can press Shift and Up to scroll up quickly.
    You can press Shift and Down to scroll down quickly.
    Next Page goes to Next Page of the Note (Page Size = amount of the note you see on the screen at one time).
    Prev Page goes to Previous Page of the Note.
  7. Quick Delete feature – Press down on DEL and hold it. After around a second it starts deleting 4-5 characters per second.
  8. Undo Feature – Press Alt+Z to undo your last few moves one by one. If you delete something by mistake or want to undo typing you can press Alt+Z to Undo.
Updating it was a bit weird, because when I went to the page, nothing told me there was an update. What it did do was tell me I had previously bought it, and that I could send it to an eligible device on my account. I sent it to my Kindle that previously had it, and it did do the update.
Abhi has a post that talks about the upgrade…and recommends that you back up your notes first:

ireaderreview post

One other note: if you already have Notepad on more than one device, I think you’ll need to send the update to each device.

As with other Active Content titles, this doesn’t work on the K1, but does work on K2s, K3s, and the KDX.  It doesn’t work in reader apps, and I assume it can’t be purchased outside the US.

For information on more active content, see this category.

If you try these out, feel free to let me know what you think.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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8 Responses to “New from 7 Dragons: a Calendar app (and an update to Notepad)”

  1. JoAnna Says:

    Thanks for the update info. I have always been alerted via email when a book update is available. If you had not posted the active content update I would not have known. I went to Amazon and was told an update was available–got it :)

  2. Tom Semple Says:

    Assuming there will be a Kindle Touch, none of the current Active Content is going to work on it. If KT will still support apps, they’ll need to be completely redesigned, and one has to assume, re-purchased.

    I do have Notepad (I was curious), but have never used it for anything. The same is true with all the other AC I’ve gotten. If/when I get a KT, the stuff I got for my K3/K2 won’t be missed. KT will be a much better platform for AC, however, if it comes to that.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom!

      I don’t see anything that would prohibit a touchscreen model from running the current apps. My guess is that they would run on it…and there would be additional apps optimized for it.

      An Android (or other) tablet might be different, of course.

  3. jjhitt Says:

    Emily Dickinson… Why is it that at least two of the four women featured in sleep mode were profoundly mentally disturbed? I cant think of any of the male authors featured who were anywhere near as off as Wolfe and Dickinson.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, jhitt!

      It sounds like you are suggesting that there is a deliberate gender bias on Amazon’s part in selecting female authors with mental issues and not selecting from an equal pool of male authors with mental issues?

      I’m not sure I see that:

      Female authors who are sleep mode pictures (“screensavers”):

      Jane Austen
      Harriett Beecher Stowe
      Emily Dickinson (symptoms of agoraphobia?)
      Charlotte Bronte
      Agatha Christie (recent suggestions that she may have had begun to have signs of dementia)
      Virginia Woolff (briefly institutionalized, possibly depressed or other affective disorders?)

      Male authors who are sleep mode pictures (“screensavers”)

      Jules Verne
      Ralph Ellison
      Mark Twain (possibly depressed after his daughter died?)
      John Steinbeck (depression following the death of his friend and his divorce?)
      Desiderius Erasmus
      St. Jerome
      Alexandre Dumas

      I don’t see enough there to build a case. I’m using the Kindle 3 list…we used to have Oscar Wilde, who would perhaps in the past have been diagnosed as having a specific mental issue, although it isn’t treated as one today.

      • jjhitt Says:

        The K2’s collection is different and lacks Bronte.
        I think Poe used to featured, which would certainly tip the scale in the other direction.

        And there’s no shortage of unstable authors of either gender who should be covered and are not. (Hemingway comes to mind, but there are many others.)

  4. jjhitt Says:

    Ooops … forgot about Agatha Christie… but her picture looks more like Peter Sellers in drag, so I forgot about her.

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