Round up #45: Kindle: dethroned, stolen, and stylused?

Round up #45: Kindle: dethroned, stolen, and stylused?

Kindle dethroned as best-selling item on Amazon

We’ve gotten used to the Kindle being the “most” item at Amazon: most purchased, most gifted, most wishlisted and so on.

Well, right now, it’s been dethroned…it’s no longer number one.

What beat it?

Two HP Touch Pads:

Kindle electronics bestsellers

That won’t last…and neither will the Touch Pads.

HP is getting out of the hardware business…and it’s reasonable to suggest that one of the reasons (at least in the case of a tablet) is the imminent release of the hypothetical Amazon tablet.

So, it’s kind of cheating to go out of business and have that get you to the top…it’s not exactly a “Kindle killer”, it’s a “kill yourself and beat the Kindle”. ;)

Thanks to this

I4U news article

for noticing. :) You might want to give it a read…

Amazon registers

According to this

PC World article

Amazon has registered another Kindle domain name:

The article (which I suggest you read) speculates that it means the next Kindle will have a stylus…in this use, that’s basically a pen for writing on a screen. That’s a reasonable interpretation…it could go along with a touchscreen.

However, I also think of a scribe as a person who takes notes at a meeting. I wonder if the Kindlescribe could the use of the Kindle 3’s microphone to do speech-to-text? That’s the opposite of text-to-speech…you talk to it, and it turns those words into computer text. You may have heard of DragonNaturally Speaking. I have that, but I don’t use it much. I also use speech-to-text on my Android phone to text my Significant Other and to look up things on Google.

I’m just speculating on that, but that’s been one of the reasons I considered for why the K3 might have that microphone (which we’ve been told is there for “future functionality”).

Would speech-to-text need its own domain? That seems a bit odd, but that can be complicated. Would a stylus justify one?  A model that has a stylus might…

Liberty invests over 200 million in Barnes & Noble…and it’s a disappointment

I just haven’t mentioned this one yet. I talked about how Liberty Media might buy Barnes & Noble. They’ve been trying to sell for a while, but nobody’s really been interested…except for Liberty Media. They are a “corporate flipper”…they buy when things aren’t doing so well and turn it around.

So, why would investors be disappointed in a $200 million investment? It’s because they didn’t buy the whole company…

NYT article

Blogs get bumped

I know, this is just a minor thing, but the blogs in the Kindle store haven’t really been featured for a while. We don’t come up any more when you hover over “Kindle” in the main navigator bar. Once you got to the Kindle store, though, we were at least listed in the top navigation.

We aren’t any more.

The Cloud Reader got our spot. :)

No biggie…we’ll just be at this table here right next to the kitchen… ;)

Your Games & Software Library

Speaking of the main navigation bar, this looks new to me. It’s a special section for your “Games & Software Library”.

I’m guessing that’s tied into the hypothetical Amazon tablet(s). It could be like the Kindle archives: buy software once, download it on different tablets registered to the same account.

It might have nothing to do with it, but the atmosphere is getting more electric! I feel like the horses are in the gate…

Stolen Kindle makes the police log

This is kind of local for me. It’s just a short

San Francisco Examiner article

but it talks about two thieves grabbing a Kindle…and the owner putting up a fight for it. Nobody was hurt, but it does show the emotional attachment we have for our Kindles. If your Kindle gets stolen, don’t get hurt…your books are safe. If it ever happens to you (and I hope it doesn’t), you may find this previous post helpful:

What to do if your Kindle is lost or stolen

Hmm…looks like I should update that some…you can now ask Amazon to “blacklist” a Kindle so it can’t be re-registered…and you can download “current back issues” of a subscription you have on one device to another capable device on the same account. That’s been true since December 2010…you can download them through the archives, or from

Whew! That’s a lot! Feel free to comment on any of these articles.

This version of this post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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One Response to “Round up #45: Kindle: dethroned, stolen, and stylused?”

  1. Edward Boyhan Says:

    I read the PCWorld article you referenced (and it seems I’ve read a thousand other articles about the frenzy created by the HP Touchpad price drops :-D).

    I have a different possible interpretation for the new web site registration. It might simply be a new service offering for kindles having nothing to do with UI H/W. There is a site (I think its called which is a document republishing site — yet has “scribe” in its name.

    I would dearly love a touch sensitive kindle with a stylus for professional uses, but I’m not sure this article indicates that.

    The market responsiveness to the HP price drops are astonishing to me — especially given that the devices have no built-in content ecosystem and HP support going forward is going to be nonexistent.

    I guess if you want to compete with the iPad (not something that I’m sure Amazon is aiming to do) one thing you could do is radically undercut Apple’s pricing. Only Amazon has the ability to sell under cost, and do this.

    I am still of the opinion that the announcements could come any day now.

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