Free 2-day shipping on Kindles extended: order by 12/21 8:00 PM PDT

Free 2-day shipping on Kindles extended: order by 12/21 8:00 PM PDT

Amazon is extending free two-day shipping on Kindles to the continental U.S..

If you order it by December 21 (this Wednesday) at 8:00 PM Pacific, they guarantee delivery by Christmas (which is Sunday).

They talk about it in this

press release

Those are the currently available Kindles (but they don’t mention the Kindle DX 9.7 inch…they say the “Kindle family”. Apparently, the Kindle DX has become like Chuck Cunningham on Happy Days…the older brother who was mysteriously never mentioned again after the second season).  Those are:

I don’t think it matters if they are Special Offers or not…the Special Offers definitely qualify.

They also mention that the Kindle Fire has been the #1 bestselling item at Amazon for twelve weeks running. That always amazes me…a $199 item sells more units than, say, AA batteries? Of course, there are many brands of AA batteries, but that still seems odd to me.

Also touted: the new ability to choose a delivery date for e-book gifts, which I’ve written about previously.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

One Response to “Free 2-day shipping on Kindles extended: order by 12/21 8:00 PM PDT”

  1. Pam Says:

    Well I already have my Fire and am busy reading “One Click” on it from the library. Took a break and read some discussions on the Nook forum and found it interesting how few people comment vs. our Kindle forum. Also, many pointed out how people were returning the fire, but not much on how great their Nook was other than it had more storage. I had read or seen on TV where B&N would give you $50 off their tablet if you traded in your original Nook. I have one that I bought only because I wanted to read library books. I think I’ll just give it to someone because I don’t want any more Nook products. Glad I made the decision to go with Amazon way back when. They don’t even give away that many books – one every Friday? Hahahahahahaha! And great personal help in-store? Not from what I was reading! Bezos has my respect – especially after reading this book about him on his e-reader that just works!

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