Amazon “Active Cloud”: something new?

Amazon “Active Cloud”: something new?

Well, this was interesting!

I’m documenting the menus on my  Kindle Fire HDX 7″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers, since I’m working on a guide I hope to publish pretty soon.

I was quite deep into them:

Settings – Applications – Amazon Applications – Photos

and it told me I had used zero GB of 45 GB, and was giving me an option of having Automatic Upload of photos to my Cloud Drive.

I knew I didn’t have a 45 GB subscription, so I followed the link…and found this one:

“Active Cloud Drive Promos

AT&T Kindle Data Plan 20GB Storage Promotion
Promotion expires on: November 30, 2013
AT&T Kindle Data Plan 20GB Storage Promotion
Promotion expires on: November 26, 2013″

Adding in my free 5 GB, that gets me to 45 GB.

My Kindle Fire HDX is wi-fi only, so there isn’t currently a data plan.

I did a Google search…didn’t find anything that seemed to fit for “Amazon” and “Active Cloud”.

This does not suggest to me that Amazon is going to charge wi-fi users for a data plan…that doesn’t fit the wi-fi system at all.

They certainly might charge for additional Cloud Storage, and give you some way to pop things up there easily…that’s what this looks like to me.

We know there is supposed to be a big update to the KFHDXs in mid-November…I’m guessing this gets announced then.

Back to the deep dive into the KFHDX…I wonder what else I’ll find? :)

Update: I’m glad I put that question mark in the headline! ;) A couple of people have suggested that this might be space I have because of the data plan I bought through AT&T for my Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless 32GB last year.  The timing matches up if it is a one-year deal, since I ordered that one on November 27, 2012. While I don’t remember there being anything called “Active Cloud”, maybe that isn’t a feature name, but a description…that was suggested by reader dsmallc. Amazon isn’t great at naming things, in my opinion, so maybe it isn’t a real name. :)

If any of my other readers see this 40GB, I’d appreciate hearing it. Some of my readers with HDXs are not seeing it, from what they say, so it would be nice to isolate the variables.

Thanks to regular reader and commenter liz for helping to improve this post!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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6 Responses to “Amazon “Active Cloud”: something new?”

  1. Sherri Says:

    I have the Kindle Fire HDX Wifi 64GB with Special Offers and didn’t get this offer, mine still shows the 5GB free acccount. Guess you got lucky. :-)

  2. Tom Madsen Says:

    You must be the lucky one I have nothing like that in photo settings. Just whats left of my 5gig free. Sounds interesting though, along the rumor front I’m betting that new Amazon roku device will have miracast. Hoping at least. What rumors are you hearing for mid-November?

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom!

      I’m not paying too much attention to rumors at this point…well, I read them, but I’d rather go to the source. :)

      This is what Amazon says should be coming in an update in mid-November:

      Second Screen
      Goodreads Integration
      Cloud Collections
      1-tap Archive
      Extended Printing Support
      Complete Enterprise Support

      For details on what they say, see:

      Outside of that update, I think we’ll see some kind of Amazon TV device, but not necessarily a Roku. My intuition is that we may see two: an inexpensive “dongle” Chromecasty thing, to make the Fires with Miracast work with any TV with an HDMI in (most likely…not sure of implementation), and a more expensive full-featured thing with a lot of content.

      There is a lot left to go in the year! I keep checking

      Kindle Matchbook

      It’s supposed to go live in the next ten days! I’m thinking tomorrow may be likely…Tuesday is a big announcement day. However, they may want to time it with consideration for the Apple iPad announcement…which is tomorrow.

  3. dsmallc Says:

    You don’t think the “active” simply means promotional drive space that you currently have?

  4. liz Says:

    Hmm. I also bought the 8.9HD with AT&T promotional deal last year (and an HDX now), but I have 25GB in my cloud. The 20GB promo is “AT&T Kindle Data Plan 20GB Storage Promotion … expires on November 27, 2013″.

    By the way, you have your years off … you couldn’t have bought your HD in 2011! Hint: it’s 2013 now, so a year ago was 2012. ;)

    I have a Chromecast dongle sitting in my “Save for Later” cart, but I’m waiting to see what Amazon offers – I’d rather get their Miracast thingy since it would work with my HDX.

    Funny, I was just about to ask if you’d heard anything about the Matchbook, since here it is late in October and no news. Can’t wait to find out how many e-books I can get cheap or for free!

    • Bufo Calvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, liz!

      Yep, typo on the year…thanks, I’ve fixed it and credited you. :) I knew what year it should have been, just typed it incorrectly.

      I’m also hoping for an announcement from Amazon on a TV gadget soon! Chromecast continues to be the best seller at Amazon in electronics, and I doubt that most people will buy two different gadgets like that…

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