What’s the 411?

What’s the 411?

This is a weird thing, but I’ve had people report it works (at least temporarily).

Your Kindle 2 (I don’t know about the DX, but it doesn’t work this way on the K1) has some information screens about your Whispernet (the Kindle’s wireless internet) connection.  If you don’t have a connection, it appears that following this sequence may force one:


Have the Whispernet on


Type 411: wait until you get information


Type 611: wait until you get information


Try connecting again


I had someone do that once to diagnose the lack of connectivity, and they were able to connect!  I’ve had other people try it, and had some people tell me it worked. 

Obviously, it won’t work if there just isn’t Whispernet available.  What I’m guessing is that some people may have intermittent connection in their area.  Doing the diagnostic makes it see if there enough signal at that time, and to make the connection if there is. 

I haven’t been able to test it myself (except to see the diagnostic screens), since I have a good Whispernet connection where I am.

Oh, one other interesting thing: the 611 screen will give you a latitude and longitude.  I think if you put that into Google, you’ll get the location of the cell tower your Kindle is using.  🙂 

If you don’t have connection, give the above technique a try and tell me if it does or doesn’t work for you…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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