Flash! Barnes & Noble’s “nook” named after…

When I read that Barnes & Nobles’ new e-book reader was called a nook (they don’t capitalize it), there was a nibbling at the back of my mind that there was something off about naming an e-book reader that.

It’s not just that the fans will inevitably be called “nookies” (although that’s bad enough…I like “Kindleer” so much better).

Then, J. Taylor in the Amazon Kindle forum pointed it out.

In the Dr. Seuss classic, One fish two fish red fish blue fish, there is a character called a Nook.  One line reads:

“But a Nook can’t read…”

So, they named their book reader, as J. Taylor pointed out, after an illiterate character.

Well, I guess there’s no particular reason that the marketing folks should be familiar with, you know, a book…  🙂

Just kidding…I’m sure they thought people would think “new book” or “next book” or something…that’s better, right?

Hey, a lot of people find it weird that the Kindle is named after the verb to “start a flame” (or inspire).  Flames, replacing paperbooks…that’s not the best image, either. 

Anyway…you’ve got to love those clever forum people!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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