Snapshot: November 1 2009

I generally run this information through Jungle-Search (it’s just easier than Amazon), and there are some vagaries in the searches (both there and on Amazon).  I do try and run it the same way every time, so unless Amazon changes something, it should give you a pretty good idea.

Titles in the Kindle Store

Kindle Store Title Count

Kindle Store Title Count

16-May-09 28-Jul-09 21-Sep-09 01-Oct-09 01-Nov-09
284491 332813 355805 342865 368813
Magazines: 38

Newspapers: 58

Blogs: 7365

Percentage of books priced from one penny to $50 that are under ten dollars

October:  82.2% (252,511 of 307,241)

September: 82.0% (239,666 of 292318)

August: 83.2% (245,524 of 295,210)

Percentage of books with a publication date of the previous month priced from one penny to $50 that are under ten dollars

Books for October: 91.2% (6,789 of 7,445)

Books for September: 91.0% (5,104 of 5,608)

Books for August: 96.4% (20,239 of 21,079)

 Count for search -domain textbook



Textbooks in the Kindle Store


Textbooks in the Kindle Store

November 1 2009: 4,768

 October 1 2009: 4,633

September 24 2009: 4,678

August 11 2009: 4,381

Free books (including public domain)

November 1 2009: 18,547

October 1 2009: 7,428

February 28 2009: 7,401

Free books (without public domain)

November 1 2009: 64

October 1 2009: 67


Almost everything we want to be up in the US Kindle store was up.  Free books?  This month was a whopping 249.7% of last month!  Yes, non-public domain titles were down about 4.5%…but that’s only three titles.  Titles in the Kindle store?  Up 8%!  That’s about 837 titles a day.   Textbooks are up about 3%…that’s slow growth, but still growth…better than the drop the previous month.   Prices were still overwhelmingly under ten dollars, with even a higher percentage than the previous month.  Newspapers?  Up 26% (which I believe included more international titles).  Oh, and a fun one: number of countries to which the Kindle will be shipped was up about 10,000 percent (from 1 to about 100).  😉


  • Data was typically drawn using  There are a number of possible sources of errors (JS, Amazon, me), but these are probably pretty good
  • The free books referenced here are from the Kindle store: there are many other sources for free books
  • My search for textbooks definitely has false positives (books that aren’t really textbooks).  I search for -domain (to eliminate public domain titles, which would be older books, generall) textbook.  That would find a book about textbooks, for example
  • I look at price percentages of books in the range of one penny to fifty dollars, to eliminate freebies and limit textbooks
  • This information is based on what a United States customer sees

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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