Flash! Amazon adds native pdf support, longer battery life to 6″ Kindle!

The Kindle 2 international, which Amazon simply refers to now as the Kindle (to differentiate from the Kindle DX, the larger version) will get longer battery life and native pdf support.

This news just broke, and I’ll have to look at it more later.

Amazon announcement

Part of what it says:

Amazon also announced today that previous purchasers of the new Kindle will also receive the 85 percent battery life improvements with wireless on, and native PDF support via a firmware update automatically delivered via Whispernet wireless. Native PDF support will also be available for some earlier versions of Kindle via an automatic Whispernet wireless firmware update.

EDIT: They are going to give the option to convert or not!  That’s great, and I would guess that will happen with the Kindle DX as well.  Why is that great?  A non-converted pdf doesn’t have the interactivity of a converted one…no text-to-speech, and you don’t have the same annotation abilities.

Amazon has posted additional information here .

These are the key points:

Kindle 2 International 

  • Longer battery life when using Whispernet
  • Native PDF (and option to convert)
  • Manual screen rotation

Kindle 2

  • Native PDF (and option to convert)
  • Manual screen rotation

Kindle DX 

  • Better “cropping” (reducing the outer edge white space) for pdfs
  • Converting a pdf is now possible!  Woo-hoo, that’s a big deal!
  • Auto-time out to go to sleep mode extended to twenty minutes from five minutes

Kindle 1 

  • Unaffected by this update

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “Flash! Amazon adds native pdf support, longer battery life to 6″ Kindle!”

  1. Man in the Middle Says:

    I just got my version 2.3 update via the manual update process described in the Email Amazon sent me about this upgrade last night. In addition to the features mentioned above, it updates the power off photos, and puts a new 4th edition of the user guide into your Archive, from which it can be downloaded into your Kindle.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Yes, it’s nice to see Ralph Ellison! As I commented in my post on the pictures (which I now need to update), some people have been concerned about a perceived lack of diversity in the sleep mode pictures. The 4th edition of the User’s Guide is, of course, timed to coincide, but not part of the update you receive. They do update the User’s Guide from time to time. There was a post in the Amazon Kindle Community from someone who was quite upset that they had done that without asking first. The UG is not like a book you purchased yourself. They can (and do) update that whenever they want.

      Thanks for commenting!

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