Snapshot: December 1 2009

I generally run this information through Jungle-Search (it’s just easier than Amazon), and there are some vagaries in the searches (both there and on Amazon).  I do try and run it the same way every time, so unless Amazon changes something, it should give you a pretty good idea.

Titles in the Kindle Store  

Titles in the Kindle Store
Kindle Store Title Count
16-May-09 28-Jul-09 21-Sep-09 01-Oct-09 01-Nov-09 01-Dec-09
284491 332813 355805 342865 368813 385485
Approximate average of titles added per day:
November: 556
October: 837
December 1 2009: 40
November 1 2009: 38


December 1 2009: 76
November 1 2009: 58


December 1 2009: 7589
November 1 2009: 7365

Percentage of books priced from one penny to $50 that are under ten dollars 

November: 82.8% (268,366 of 324,230)
October:  82.2% (252,511 of 307,241) 
September: 82.0% (239,666 of 292318) 
August: 83.2% (245,524 of 295,210)

Percentage of books with a publication date of the previous month priced from one penny to $50 that are under ten dollars 

Books for November: 94.1% (11,520 of 12,239)
Books for October: 91.2% (6,789 of 7,445)
Books for September: 91.0% (5,104 of 5,608)
Books for August: 96.4% (20,239 of 21,079) 

 Count for search -domain textbook 

 Textbooks in the Kindle Store

Textbooks in the Kindle Store

December 1 2009: 4,892
November 1 2009: 4,768
October 1 2009: 4,633
September 24 2009: 4,678  
August 11 2009: 4,381  

Free books (including public domain)  

December 1 2009: 19,895
November 1 2009: 18,547 
October 1 2009: 7,428 
February 28 2009: 7,401 

Free books (without public domain)  

December 1 2009: 84
November 1 2009: 64 
October 1 2009: 67 

Spanish edition books*

December 1 2009: 3,483


I often see people who complain that the price of Kindle e-books are going up…in particular, that there are fewer books at $9.99 or lower.  I’m happy to report that the percentage of books from a penny to fifty dollars under ten dollars has stayed about the same: in fact, it went up again.  For recent titles (released in the previous month), it went up even more.  The number of newspapers jumped up, as did free non-public domain titles.  I’ve decided to start tracking Spanish language books: I’ve been telling people I expect to see more involvement with foreign publishers and in foreign languages.  Of course, I’m looking at just the US store…I’m not tracking how many are available outside the US.  Overall, things continue to look good.


  • Data was typically drawn using  There are a number of possible sources of errors (JS, Amazon, me), but these are probably pretty good
  • The free books referenced here are from the Kindle store: there are many other sources for free books
  • My search for textbooks definitely has false positives (books that aren’t really textbooks).  I search for -domain (to eliminate public domain titles, which would be older books, generall) textbook.  That would find a book about textbooks, for example
  • I searched for “Spanish edition” to find Spanish language books.  That has some false positives as well
  • I look at price percentages of books in the range of one penny to fifty dollars, to eliminate freebies and limit textbooks
  • This information is based on what a United States customer sees

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. 

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