Flash! Infibeam Pi EBR threat to Kindle in India?

Well, this was weird!

I got an alert to a news story from engadget, but then went to check it out myself.

It’s a site that seems to copy Amazon…same colors, a smile without eyes (not a half-smile, though), and…an EBR (E-Book Reader) that looks like a Kindle!

It’s so close it looks like a fake site.  However, I could confirm with just a little bit of research that it’s a real place.  It’s been around since at least July of 2009…maybe longer.  The site has copyrights going back to 2007.

Their EBR is called the Pi, and will start shipping the 22nd of February of this year (yep, I’m adding it to the timeline).

Check it out: the similarity in the way the site and the Pi look to Amazon and the Kindle is spooky:


However, it’s actually quite a bit different.

For one thing, it reads EPUB, PDF…and MOBI!  

It only has 8 grayscale to the Kindle’s 16…but it does have an SD slot.

It comes with headphones!

It says they’ll have 1 lac (which I think is 100,00) e-books, and they show some biggies. 

It has support for local languages, including Hindi and Sanskrit.

They say you can sort your books by category…nice!

Free shipping to India!

The pre-order price is 9999 rupees… about $217.

The price for e-books seems reasonable…when you are looking, 200 rupees is about $4.34.

It’s not entirely clear from the product page whether or not it is wireless downloads.  They say:

“Buy an eBook from Infibeam’s eBook store, download it to your Pi and start reading within seconds.”

That sounds like wireless, but they don’t tell you one hundred percent.

I have to say, I was initially just drawn to this by the humor of it looking like a Kindle…but if this is what it appears to be, it could be a serious threat to the Kindle in India. ..that’s more than 1 billion people…something like 18% of the world’s people.


This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog

One Response to “Flash! Infibeam Pi EBR threat to Kindle in India?”

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    […] they have their own competitor to the Kindle (and have had it for some time). I’ve written about/ the Infibeam Pi before. They’ve updated it since then, with a touchscreen […]

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