Flash! Kindle blogs to go international?

Flash!  Kindle blogs to go international?

Stephen Windwalker’s great blog, Kindle Nation Daily, has a very interesting post about how you can read Kindle blogs (like this one) using the free Kindle for PC app.

 He reports being told that Kindle blogs are coming soon to all the non-K apps (PC, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch…soon, to Macs…and presumably, for the iPad).

For me, one of the exciting implications is that non-US customers may be able to get Kindle store blogs! 

Right now they can’t, and unfortunately, that makes some sense.  Amazon has to pay for wireless use (they don’t directly charge readers), and apparently, it’s quite a bit more expensive abroad than in the US.  Blogs are wireless-intensive: when you get the blog each day, it usually has the last ten posts.  That’s tens of pages a day, and they may have graphics.

Here’s how I think it could work.   You are in, say, the UK.  You subscribe to the blog for your Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac (coming soon) app.  You aren’t allowed to get it wirelessly there, but you can get it delivered to that device wired.   They can also allow the UK folks to download a blog for a Kindle to their computers (they can do that with books now) , and then transfer via USB.

That is something I think we’ll see…a bettter way to “sync” your Kindle with a folder on your computer.  It works okay now, but they could make it easier for non-techies.

Even if foreign subscription isn’t part of what Windwalker was told, it’s still exciting that people who are using the Kindle for iPhone app will be able to subscribe.  🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.  If you are reading this blog for free and would like to support it, just click here and then shop at Amazon.

2 Responses to “Flash! Kindle blogs to go international?”

  1. flatland Says:

    Maybe Amazon should look into updating its software in order to just send the latest posts to the Kindle device–obviously this would entail a sort of ebook generator/merger (which would also allow for ebooks bought from samples to be merged with the sample).

    Or they could create a different, non-ebook format for blogs and newspapers–software could automatically cull the posts and arrange a Table of Contents of all subscribed blogs. This would probably be much simpler, and would help alleviate some of the clutter from multiple subscriptions.

    Also, they should consider reworking their contract with Sprint to pay for bits smaller than 1MB (e.g. round up to nearest 250kb for $0.035 instead of to the nearest 1MB for $0.12)

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, flatland!

      Only the latest posts are sent to the Kindle…I believe most blogs do ten, and that some may do fourteen.

      In terms of the international customers, they are affected by AT&T, rather than Sprint.

      I like the idea of the samples interacting with the full books…maybe we’ll get that in the app store. 🙂

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