Flash! Rumor: Amazon eliminating fees for international book downloads?

Flash!  Rumor: Amazon eliminating fees for international book downloads?

Big news!

It appears that Amazon may have eliminated the $1.99 fee for American customers who use international wireless to download books from the Kindle store (or their own archives)!

I saw this rumored on the Amazon Kindle community, and checked the Help page, which does appear to have been updated.

International Service Fees for US Customers 

US customers would apparently still pay $4.99 for delivery of subscription items using international wireless, and ninety-nine cents per megabyte (rounded up) for having personal documents delivered using international wireless.

You avoid those fees downloading from a computer and using your USB cable.

This presumably doesn’t impact the roughly $2 that international customers pay for books that are free in the US, but not sure yet.

Good news, if true!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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