Flash! Update coming! Includes “collections”, social networking

Flash! Update coming!  Includes “collections”, social networking

Big, big news! 

There is a new update (2.5) coming soon for the Kindle (2) and the Kindle DX!  It will not be available for the Kindle 1. 

Amazon Update 2.5 page 

It has some things we’ve been expecting, and some about which we’ve speculated.

  • Collections: this is the new organizational tool we were promised in the first half of the year.  They don’t say how you’ll do it (I’m guessing tags), but you’ll be able to group your books into one or more collections
  • PDF pan and zoom…zoom, woohoo!  That’s been a big issue on K2s, where the text can be small.  These are native, unconverted PDFs (we’ve been able to increase the text size on converted PDFs all along)
  • Password Protection: one of the most requested features.  For example, I can’t put some work things on my Kindle because it doesn’t have password protection.  I’m guessing this will be optional, and will be set in the Manage Your Kindle page. “Pssst…swordfish”
  • Two superlarge fonts!  We’d been promised one, and they also say there will be improved clarity
  • Facebook and Twitter…share clippings directly from your Kindle!  Huge, huge, huge!  I know a lot of you won’t want this, but it will sell many more books, in my opinion.  If I “clip and tweet” a really cool quote, that might get people to want to buy the book (or get it free, if that’s the case).  I’m guessing it will automatically link to where you can purchase it from the Kindle store.  Hmmm…I have an intuition that it might not work with books not from the Kindle store…we’ll see
  • Popular highlights…you’ll be able to see what a lot of Kindleers are highlighting.  People love this kind of thing on the web, and it should make for some interesting analysis…I wonder how they’ll keep profanity out of it?  I can see Howard Stern telling his listeners to highlight a particularly profane passage just so it shows up

It will update any Kindle (except a K1) automatically eventually through the wireless.  It’s a little weird that it appears they’ve taken down the manual software update page for now, in anticipation of this one.

We were also told that audible menus are coming in an update, but that doesn’t appear to be part of this.  I wonder if that will be limited to on-demand or maybe certification of a disability?  I don’t think that will be the case, but it’s interesting that it wasn’t part of this one.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

6 Responses to “Flash! Update coming! Includes “collections”, social networking”

  1. tuxgirl Says:

    woohoo!!!! Now we just gotta hope that Kovid or GRiker will get the update toward the early end, and get whatever system these “Collections” use to work from Calibre, and I’ll be in heaven!

  2. LuvMyKindle Says:

    Thanks, Bufo. This is great news! I am really thrilled about this update and especially the first 3 new features listed. I know it will sound silly to most, but I had been hoping the new update would allow more screen saver options – Pictures and Time-out options – but still, this is wonderful. I agree, audible menus would have been nice to have, and especially for the visually impaired *sigh* – hopefully, this will be added not too far down the road…. As always, thanks for keeping us informed. Have a fantastic week!

  3. maclifer Says:

    Great news all around… if you check, Amazon does have instruction pages up for all of the new features and how they work. Below each instruction title, in tiny blue type, it mentions it’s in V 2.5, coming soon or something similar to that.

    I noticed today what, to me, appears to be a new feature on my K2. When I go to Home > Menu > Settings > Menu, I see an “Update Your Kindle” option that I don’t recall seeing ever before. It is, not surprisingly, currently grayed out so it can’t be used. Has this feature always been there?

    Steve aka maclifer

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks, Steve!

      Yes, the update feature has always been thre. It is only clickable if you have downloaded the update (which your Kindle will typically do wirelessly automatically, if you have a Whispernet connection) but have not yet installed it. For most people, it is seamless…it just happens. However, some people don’t get wireless, so they download updates manually and then use that command to install it.

  4. ellkcee Says:

    I am very excited about this new update, especially the collectiions. I have 32 Kindle pages of titles and now I’ll be able to file them. I use your way of filing by making notations of genre at the beginning of each book, which helps, but this update will be great. Lynda Carpenter

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