Answers to Literary Mom trivia #1

Answers to the Literary Mom trivia #1

In a recent post, I described some famous mothers in literature with links to free versions of the books.

In this post, I give you the answers…so if you want to play, you may want to go that post first.  🙂

Mystery Mom #1

Her “adopted son” is famous for his upbringing, although many people probably don’t know the details.  He is Tarzan of the Apes: she is Kala, one of those “apes”.  Although, it’s perfectly reasonable to argue that they are of genus Homo, but not Homo sapiens. 

Mystery Mom #2

You think your Significant Other’s boss is a Scrooge?  This Mystery Mom is Mrs. Cratchit (I don’t think any first name is given), and her husband is Bob Cratchit.  She is a significant presence in the book.

Mystery Mom #3

The fact that she leaves to care for her sick husband is a very important element in this classic work, and she referenced quite a bit.  The sisters call her “Marmee”, and she is Margaret March from Little Women.

Mystery Mom #4

This mom has four kids when the newcomer joins them…and nurses them all simultaneously.  She is a wolf, and hopes her adopted man child may grow up to defeat the tiger, Shere Kahn (since humans hunt tigers).  She calls herself “Raksha the demon” at one point, but it isn’t clear to me if that is her name, or she is equating herself with a supernatural being (she is generally called Mother Wolf).  The book is The Jungle Book.

Mystery Mom #5

This mom’s nature has been greatly debated in scholarly works.  She is the Queen of Denmark, Gertrude, and Hamlet’s mother.  Was she involved in her husband’s murder?   That’s part of the debate…

Mystery Mom #6

I tried to make this one more difficult by presenting the scenes out of order.   Her child makes quite a pig of himself…she is The Duchess from Alice in Wonderland.

Mystery Mom #7

Reading back over the books a bit to produce the trivia, it was wonderful to revisit this wonderfully-written classic.  Her nanny is a dog, and she is Mary Darling.  Her kids become involved with Peter Pan.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this!  If not, I’ll do more of that “math-y” stuff later.  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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