Amazon explicitly says no credit/debit card needed for Kindle purchases

Amazon explicitly says no credit/debit card needed for Kindle purchases

This is an interesting one to me, but some of you may know it already.

You need 1-click to be able to buy books for the Kindle.  1-click typically draws from a credit/debit card. 

Now, if you have a gift certificate/card and apply it to your account, 1-click draws from that before it goes to your credit card.

In the past, I’m pretty sure you needed a credit/debit card on the account, although you could later apply gift cards/certificates.

Now, Amazon explicitly says you do not need a credit/debit card, although it appears as though the user interface isn’t clear when you do it.

Amazon Help page

What you do is go to your account, and go to

Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings

Next, click the button to Enter a New Address.

Then, you would enter the address (did you guess that?) 😉 , and then

Set the address as your default by clicking the link on the address labeled “Click here to make this your 1-Click default address.” You may be prompted to associate a credit or debit card with the address, but entering one of these payment methods is not required.

There you go!  You can set up 1-click without a credit card.

After that, you apply a gift certificate/card to your account, and you are in business. 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

4 Responses to “Amazon explicitly says no credit/debit card needed for Kindle purchases”

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  2. sharon Says:

    Love text to speech put it back on the the fire not a happy kindle customer,wish I wasn’t so kind to give away m)y od on
    love wish it was mention about no text to speech I heard it was still there from kindle people.tkinl people lied,and bought the fire big mistake. Not sure I’d buy another one again

  3. mike Says:

    Great find. Did as you said and now I’m able to download free books without any credit card / debit card /gift card attached to my account. Never tried to actually buy a book, wonder what would happen? It’d go through and send me a bill at home or ask for a card before purchase? Got few free books downloaded on my kindle, hope I don’t get a bill from them.

  4. Daniel Craigs Says:

    I love this. Amazon is constantly getting better and better with their freedom and the ability to encompass many things.

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