Freebie flash! Sidney Sheldon, Leigh Bridger

Freebie flash! Sidney Sheldon, Heat of Passion

As usual, I don’t vouch for these books, and they come from companies that are not (to my knowledge) blocking text-to-speech. As promotional titles, they may not be free for long. Note: these books are free in the USA: prices in other countries may vary.

Executive Privilege
By Phillip Margolin 
Published by HarperCollins (a general interest publisher)

Margolin is a New York Times bestseller of legal fiction.  This one appears to be free for a short time as a promotion for the next novel.  It says it has bonus material, although the product page doesn’t tell you what that it is…I’m guessing it is a chapter of Supreme Justice.

Rage of Angels 
By Sidney Sheldon
Published by HarperCollins (a general interest publisher)

This is a bestselling novel by one of the bestselling authors of all time.  Even if you don’t want to read it right now, how can you pass this up for somebody else who might be on your account at some time?

The Art of Asking 
By Terry J. Fadem 
Published by FT Press (a business publisher)

To quote an important author in my life, “To H*ll with the answer…what’s the question?”  That’s a paraphrase from John A. Keel.  This book is about asking and answering and best techniques…geared for the business world.

Heat of Passion
By Elle Kennedy
Published by Samhain  (a fiction publisher with an emphasis on romance and genre works)

Love those Samhain content warnings:

“Warning: This title contains a ridiculously hot Navy SEAL, a sassy heroine, and sex in a supply closet. Read only if you have time to take a cold shower afterwards. Graphic sex, explicit language.”

Presenting to Win 
By Jerry Weissman
 Published by FT Press (a business publisher)

This is for all of you familiar with the acronym DBP (Death By PowerPoint).  🙂

Soul Catcher 
By Leigh Bridger
Published by Bell Bridge Books (a publisher of “emerging fiction voices” with a Southern focus)

Bridger is the pen name of New York Times bestselling author Deborah Smith.  This fantasy novel involves a demon and past lives.

The Truth About Negotiations
By Leigh L. Thompson
Published by FT Press (a business publisher)

Another business book from Financial Times.  Personally, I don’t like negotiating, even though a lot of people do.  I don’t think I should pay less for something just because I’m a better talker…that seems unfair.

The Shadow and Night
The Lamb Among the Stars #1
By Chris Walley
Published by Tyndale House (a faith-based publisher)

Faith-based science fiction taking place twelve thousand years in the future.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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