Flash! Penguin books back in the Kindle store!

Flash! Penguin books back in the Kindle store!

I’ve been checking on a daily basis for Penguin e-books published after March, 2010 being in the Kindle store.

They’ve been out for a while, due to difficulties Amazon and Penguin had been having coming to a new agreement based on the Agency Model.

Well, I’m happy to say that they appear to be in the store today!

Oddly, though, they don’t have that

“This price was set by the publisher.”


Also, it says the books are being sold by Amazon, not by Penguin.

This differs from, say, HarperCollins, which is under the Agency Model.

I don’t know if this means that the whole situation is resolved.  If it is, the strong suggestion is that they did not end up going with the Agency Model with Amazon.

That would certainly complicate things in their agreement with Apple.

I’ll poke around on this more later, look for press releases, that kind of thing.

I do think it’s a good thing, even though I don’t buy Penguin books, since they block text-to-speech access on their e-books.  As I’ve mentioned before, I think that’s a personal decision.  I just don’t like books not being available to everybody, and I’m not a big fan of conflict.  🙂

UPDATE: Here’s an article on it…but it doesn’t say what the agreement was:


This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

4 Responses to “Flash! Penguin books back in the Kindle store!”

  1. Brian Hartman Says:

    Thanks Bufo! Don’t you ever get tired of being on top of everything? OK, how about this, don’t you ever get tired?

    • bufocalvin Says:


      Actually, I’ve had my first cold in a couple of years this week, so I’ve been a bit tired. I blame my 20-year old…I’m really careful in the medical places I work to wash my hands properly and all, but I’m not that careful at home…and my kid’s back for part of the summer. I actually stayed home from work on Monday…very unusual for me, but I didn’t have a class, and wanted to be up for my classes the next day.

  2. tuxgirl Says:

    what are people going to complain about on the forum now???

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Oh, don’t worry, tuxgirl, people are very creative. 😉

      “I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do…”

      Ten trivia points if you name the singer…

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