Penguin books back out of the Kindle store

Penguin books back out of the Kindle store


I’m sure this is just a fluke, but the Penguin books that had been in the Kindle store published after March 31, 2010, appear to be back out of it.

I was curious what the prices were, since it appeared those weren’t being sold under the Agency Model.  So, I started running the figures…and none of those books showed up.

I ran a search for Penguin books, and also sorted it by publication date…March 31st, 2010, was the most recent.

Hmmm…I’m  a little concerned that this means that they’ll be re-posted with that Agency Model thing on them, about the publisher setting the prices.

I did check books published earlier than that…they still say they are published by Penguin and sold by Amazon.  Under the Agency Model, they would say they were sold by Penguin.

I assume this will all straighten out by tomorrow, and they’ll be back in the store.  After all, Amazon has made an official statement on the Amazon Kindle forum, and they say, in part:

“…we will soon be offering their complete selection of digital books on Kindle”

Amazon statement

I know I saw that one of the books was over $30…Amazon could have set that price, but I thought that was odd.

Oh, well…I’ll check it again tomorrow.  🙂

By the way, I listened to the archived webcast of the 2010 Annual Meeting of Shareholders of, Inc:

Archived Webcast 

There has been some good information in these in the past, but you know what struck me the most?

I have never heard Jeff Bezos sounding so subdued.

He’s usually…giggly, giddy, super upbeat.

On this one he was…sedate, I guess.

They also didn’t archive the Q&A, unfortunately: that’s often the best part.

Reportedly, Jeff said that a color Kindle was “still a long way out”.

From things I’ve read, I was thinking that one might come out by the first quarter of 2011.

Now of course, to a geeky guy, six months or more might be a “long way out”.  🙂

I’m still not unconvinced that Amazon may do a tablet…and not call it a Kindle. 

On the other hand, they already have a tablet where you can read Kindle books…it’s called an iPad.  😉

Tip of the Day: when your Kindle is playing music, you can still “sleep” it and it will keep playing. 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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