Flash! Amazon to introduce next Kindle in August?

Flash! Amazon to introduce next Kindle in August?

Bloomberg reports that Amazon is planning to introduce the next version of the Kindle this August.   Reportedly, it would be thinner, but would not have color or a touchscreen, as has been speculated.  It will, however, reportedly have a sharper looking display.

This doesn’t sound like enough to me to go to a new model…don’t be surprised if there are some other radically different features introduced.  It’s a bit odd, if they actually do it in August…since the current Ks will be getting software updates this summer (including audible menus).

This is all just according to unnamed sources, by the way.

Hmm…what else could it do that would justify a new edition?  Well, they are going for committed readers, they say, so maybe not web stuff.  Maybe more language capability?  That might be something…perhaps onboard translation?  I recommended that to them years ago.  That would be a software thing, though, presumably able to be done with an update for current Ks. 

Food for thought, though…

Bloomberg article

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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