Recent Kindle Releases #9

Recent Kindle Releases #9

It’s all about the books, right?  So, here is a listing of some recent Kindle releases.   You can see earlier posts in this series here.

I’m trying to show you some real variety.  That’s one of the advantages of the Kindle…you don’t just have to read the tried and true (although you can, of course).   I think I’m safe saying that there is at least one thing on here…that you’d never read in a million years.   😉

A few little caveats:

  • Schedules change: books may be added or release dates changed. 
  • I don’t deliberately list books from companies that block text-to-speech, although it’s possible something will slip on to the list.  I try to be pretty careful, but things do change
  • I don’t list prices primarily because they can change (and do).  However, I’ve gotten from very inexpensive up to more than fifty dollars

If you’d like to check yourself (we may not have the same parameters for book choices), you can use this search:

June 2010 Kindle releases

I list the author, the publisher (some people care about that), the number of device licenses, and the category or genre. 

The number of device licenses is the number of devices on which you can simultaneously have the book for one purchase price.  I actually have a question in to Amazon legal right now to pin down a question on that, but that’s the basics of it.   If it says “unlimited”, it was probably published independently through Amazon’s Digital Text Platform. 

I take the genre from the Amazon product page…books often have several categories listed, so I just pick the one I like best. 

Oh, and of course, you can get a free sample first…that may be a good idea if it’s an author you haven’t read before.

You may also want to look at the size of the file…some of these may be quite short.  You can figure a “normal length” book is somewhere around 800 KB.

How to Write a Proper Resume (college edition)
By Student’s Academy
Published by Rajasir
Device licenses: 6
Topic: Test prep

Is it weird that a book on writing resumes doesn’t have a summary? Yeah, I thought so too.  😉

Boogie Woogie Hanon 
By Leo Alfassy
Published by Music Sales
Device licenses: 6
Category: Music

Want to play it eight to the bar?  This is a set of piano exercises (it includes theory and such) so you can be the cat’s pajamas on the eight-eight, gate!

David Busch’s Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D Guide to Digital SLR Photography, 1st Edition
By David D. Busch
Published by Delmar Learning
Device licences: 6
Category: Digital photography

Well, I usually get a computer book in here, but this is cool.  I really like my little FlipCam, and I pull stills off that.  I know, that’s not the same thing.  Cisco has to be worried about the iPhone 4, though, since that’s going to do HD video…and it’s “retinal display” is basically superhuman (more pixels than you can see, as I understand it). 

Demon Scorned 
By S.K. Yule
Published by Amira
Device licenses: 6
Category: Erotica

Let’s see…the Demon of Justice is imprisoned by the Demon of Scorn, and tortured, but starts to fall for her…um…does it help that I sent out Christian freebies earlier today?  Just trying to cover all tastes…  😉

Dirty Korean: Everyday Slang from “What’s Up?” to “F*%# Off!” 
By Haewon Geebi Baek
Published by Ulysses Press
Device licenses: 6
Category: Languages

Hmmm…do I want to learn words in a foreign language which I don’t even use in my own?  Might be interesting to read about them.  Of course, you may be thinking you could use it figure out what somebody else called you…but I’m trying to picture a circumstance where that would be happening, and I’d be looking up the word on my Kindle.  🙂  I’m thinking my attention might be elsewhere.  On the other hand, now that Lost is off the air, I need to get my Korean language fix somewhere…  😉

Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down
By Vineet Naya
Published by Harvard Business Press
Device licenses: 6
Category: Management

Read that title twice.  Nayar is the very buzzy CEO of HCL Technologies.  Look at some of the people endorsing this title, including effusive praise from Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence).  The world of business is changing…looks like Nayar may be seeing the path through the alien trees.  I’m sampling this one…

no face charlie (sic)
By James R. Coffey
Published by Pandora Project
Device licenses: 6
Category: Horror

This is a short work at a low price…might appeal to some folks.  🙂

Wytham Woods: Oxford’s Ecological Library
By Peter Savill, Christopher Perrins, Keith Kirby, Nigel Fisher
Published by Oxford University Press
Device licenses: 6
Category: Science

This particular woodland has studied by scientists since at least the 1920s.  Buy it on the Kindle, and save $22.23 at time of writing…it’s only $76.77!   I absolutely would expect this to sell, though…it’s for a particular market that may consider that a more than reasonable price.

Abner Doubleday, Boy Baseball Pioneer
By Montrew Dunham, Cathy Morrison
Published by Patria
Device licenses: 6
Category: Children’s books – biographies

I still people asking if there are books for children on the Kindle…here’s one!  Hey, can this also count as my sports book this time?  😉

Bigfoot War 
By Eric S. Brown
Published by Coscom Entertainment
Device licenses: 6
Category: Genre fiction

So, do they put a rocket launcher on the monster truck and it drives over generals’ jeeps and such?  Oh, wait…not the truck, the hairy biped…hey, that’s better!  I’ll sample this one.  The author has been involved with a bunch of horror books, by the way, and a mash-up of War of the Worlds, apparently.

Bowie Style
By Steve Pafford
Published by Omnibus
Device licenses: 6
Category: Musicians

I never thought of Jim Bowie as much of a fashion plate, although I understand the knives are stylish, and– Oh, David Bowie.  That makes more sense…yes, all the pictures, sure.  One more thing…this says black and white and color pictures.  Why color pictures in a Kindle book?  They’ll probably look great in the Kindle for iPad app, for one thing, and on Kindle for PC or Mac.  Kindle books aren’t just for Kindles any more…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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