Flash! Evidence the Kindle price drop wasn’t planned

Flash! Evidence the Kindle price drop wasn’t planned

So, it certainly seemed like Amazon dropped the price of the six inch Kindle  in response to Barnes & Noble dropping the price on the Nook.  Yes, they probably planned to lower it before too long, but was that drop planned for that date or a marketing counter tactic?

It appears to be the latter.

The price in Target stores has also dropped to $189, which makes sense.

Ron in Richmond on the Amazon Kindle Community pointed out in

this thread

 that the Target ad for this morning still says $259.

If you go to the Target website and look for the Kindle, you find the $189 price.  If you read the online version of the weekly ad, it says $259.

This suggests that Target didn’t have enough forewarning to update the price…which suggests that Amazon hadn’t planned on dropping the price on that date, oh, six weeks in advance.

There’s nothing wrong with being a nimble company, but I do think Amazon has tended to steer the market on e-books: this is a case where they didn’t.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


4 Responses to “Flash! Evidence the Kindle price drop wasn’t planned”

  1. Marie Sotiriou Says:

    My Sunday Best Buy circular had the Nook listed for the old higher price, so it appears that Barnes and Noble also did not notify their distributors of the price drop. Maybe the lead time is lengthy on these ads. I also think that Amazon reacted to the Nook price drop, but I’m not sure that these ads are a good indicator.

    Thanks for the blog!


    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Marie!

      Great work! I should have thought to check that.

      Maybe neither of them planned it very far in advance…but you are right, that devalues the Target ad as evidence.

  2. Marie Sotiriou Says:

    My opinion is that Barnes and Noble was probably following all of the speculation regarding the Kindle 3 and they figured that they would preempt Amazon’s release with a price cut of the Nook. Amazon was probably planning on dropping the price of the Kindle when they released their new K3 version, so they just moved that schedule up a bit.

    Thanks for the Blog!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Marie!

      The rumors of the Kindle 3 (actually, the Kindle 6) might have impacted B&N’s price cut/release. I say release, because that’s been the lost part of the story (in the blogosphere). An E Ink screen EBR with wireless download for $149? That should have been a big story. I’d love to know how many wifi NOOKs they are selling. Clearly, Amazon’s price cut made big noise, and might have stolen the thunder a bit of the wifi NOOK.

      At this point, my speculation is that Amazon will release an “entry-level” Kindle next…which might mean wifi only.

      I think B&N was bold and quick and yes, wanted to beat Amazon…and they did. I don’t think anything has made B&N look better than this recent cut/release. It made them look like they were in charge, out front.

      I agree with you: I think Amazon had planned to cut the current Kindle, but were forced to move up the schedule.

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