Flash! Download the new User’s Guide from Your Orders

Flash! Download the new User’s Guide from Your Orders

One of the things that was a bit of a surprise to me was that when I got my new Kindle and updated to 2.5, the latest edition of the User’s Guide wasn’t sent to my Kindle.

Yes, I read those beginning to end 🙂 , but they are also great to have so you can search them when you have a question.

Well, I got my manually from the Help page:

Kindle Documentation

However, then you have to put into your Kindle’s documents folder using your USB…that’s not terrible, but it isn’t as cool as doing it wirelessly.  🙂

In this

Amazon Kindle Community thread

forum member pointed out that the 5th edition Kindle User’s Guide may be available in Your Orders at


When you get there, you can search for User’s Guide.  When you find it, you’ll see options to send it to a particular device.

It appears that not everybody might have it yet.  I suspect you might need to be updated to 2.5.3 before you get it.  My manual update got me 2.5.2, then the system updated it to 2.5.3, I believe.

Anyway, I’m happy to have the latest guide on my Kindle.  🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


2 Responses to “Flash! Download the new User’s Guide from Your Orders”

  1. Erskine James Says:

    Quick question. When I went to the manageyourkindle part, I have 3 user guides published by Amazon:

    Kindle User Guide
    Kindle User Guide 3rd edition
    Kindle User Guide 4th edition

    with the 4th edition published Nov 23, 2009. I do not think this is the right user guide, right? I am upgraded to 2.5.3, but I do not believe I can find the guide.

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