Flash! Kindle for Android app does not work with the Alex

Flash! Kindle for Android app does not work with the Alex

I was curious about this, so I asked the folks at Spring Design, who make the Alex EBR (E-Book Reader).

All I did, by the way, was use the Contact form at their website.  I didn’t identify myself as a blogger or anything…while I did plan to share it with you if they responded, I was really asking for me.  I’m not a company, so I tend to leave those fields blank, when allowed.

They got back to me with an e-mail in under a day…impressive!

I was asking them if the new Kindle for Android app would work on the Alex (which is an Android device).  That would be a dynamite combination!

I haven’t used an Alex yet, but it does seem like quite a device.  It’s a six inch, E Ink reader (like the Kindle and NOOK), but has a full web-browsing 3.5″ screen.  For more details, see my earlier post.

One concern I’ve had with the Alex is the books which are available for it.  Having a Kindle reader app on the Alex would give it the best in-copyright selection out there for e-books…and I assume pretty spiffy web access for things like e-mail.

A negative to the Alex (which has become more of a negative recently) is that the price is $399.99. 

I was told that the app may run on the Alex in the future.  In part, the e-mail said:

“At the current time, the kindle app will not work with the Alex; however, it may be adopted in the future.”

Just thought I’d let you know…  🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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