Flash! Amazon redoes DTP, allows public domain, 70% royalty

Flash! Amazon redoes DTP, allows public domain, 70% royalty

We knew it was coming, and it is here today, according to this

press release

Authors/publishers, you’ll want to go to the Digital Text Platform and check your books there.  They’ve also really reworked the site: it looks much better.


So, authors who independently publish can now choose the 70% royalty option, as long as they meet certain requirements (including allowing text-to-speech, and pricing books between $2.99 and $9.99).  Also, according to the press release (I am not discussing any private contractual information), the e-book list price must be 20% below the lowest list price for the physical book.

Do it the way Amazon thinks the e-book world should be, and they’ll double your royalty…sounds fair to me.  🙂

Another key thing to me is that they are allowing public domain books again…but only for the 35% rate.  I think that’s a good thing, although I don’t know how (or if) they’ll limit the massive duplications of titles. 

I do have books, though, that I might digitize (they are in the public domain)…I backed off that when Amazon said no to public domain for independent publishers.  They’d be ones that, to my knowledge, aren’t available elsewhere.

Oh, and this is interesting: you must make the book available in all jurisdictions for which you have e-book rights.  That may speed the growth of the non-US stores, although I doubt many people with e-book rights were holding back (unless there are complicating tax payment issues, or something). 

This puts independent publishers on a parity with the rate Agency Model publishers are getting…which may encourage some authors who retain e-book rights to independently publish.  They weren’t getting the 70% the Agency Model publisher was getting anyway, but this would give them a bigger slice of the pie.

This might cause a reduction in under $2.99 books…as I mentioned in a post yesterday, I’ll track that.  I’ll probably wait until tomorrow to run it.

This is innovative and bold on Amazon’s part, and we’ll see how it affects what we read.

It’s going to push the decentralization of publishing, which I think is a good thing.  I’m not convinced the big publishers will make any less money…they may lose some market share on e-books, but it’s going to be a much bigger market.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


2 Responses to “Flash! Amazon redoes DTP, allows public domain, 70% royalty”

  1. tuxgirl Says:


    Not sure if you’re interested, but when you digitize, you may wish to get involved in pgdp.net. It’s the program with project gutenberg that does all of the proofreading and quality control for their digitizations. You could actually run the digitization process, and manage the proofreaders if you wished.

    Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this. I love the program, and it’s a great way to make all these books available to future generations.

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