Flash! Endgadget has video, more info, and press release on new Kindles

Flash! Endgadget has video, more info, and press release on new Kindles

Okay, now I know Endgadget’s ahead of me in line for info.  😉

Endgadget link

Actually, Amazon never contacts me directly with this sort of thing…but enough about me.  😉

The main interface change that I see is the 5-way being changed to a rocker.  It looks sleeker that way, and hopefully, as responsive.

The buttons are considerably smaller…I hope they aren’t harder for those with disabilities, but again, sleeker.  🙂

They also have what they say is the press release, and I expect it will be up shortly.

It’s going to be faster, lighter, smaller…and have 4gb of storage!  It’s the Bionic Kindle!  Not six million dollars, though…the same price ($189) for 3G and wi-fi, and wi-fi only for $139.

It’s got all kinds of fancy geeky stuff:

  • the sharper Graphite DX type screen
  • faster page turns
  • some proprietary thing that will make fonts sharper
  • quieter page turns (some people have really wanted that)
  • interactive PDFs!  Dictionary, notes, highlights…and compatability with password protected pdfs!
  • new webkit based browser…faster, easier
  • text-to-speech menus!  That’s been a sticking point for those with print disabilities, and kept the device out of some colleges!  Cool!
  • A lighted case!

I’ll post as soon as I can after the links become live!

Really great stuff!

Hey, Amazon…want to loan me one for review?  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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