Flash! Amazon drops Every Word due to “inappropriate words”

Flash! Amazon drops Every Word due to “inappropriate words”

Um…did they not notice it was called Every Word?  😉

As I mentioned in this earlier post, Amazon had introduced two new downloadable free word games for the Kindles  (except the Kindle 1).

Well, if you downloaded Every Word, you have a collector’s item.

Amazon has just announced in this

Amazon Kindle community thread

that they have stopped distributing it.

Apparently, the dictionary it is using was a little too complete.  😉 

They are going to “fix” that, make a new version available…and you’l be able to download the updated one if you got it already.  I don’t think you’ll be foreced to do that, but you might want to back it up, just in case.

I remember when Microsoft “corrected” the dictionary in Microsoft Word…it had some funny hidden phrases in it that weren’t really appropriate.

Brave New World…or 1984?  😉  Just kidding, but I would think they would give you a choice of versions…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “Flash! Amazon drops Every Word due to “inappropriate words””

  1. Andrew Says:


    I was kind of waiting for this. I noticed that it wouldn’t recognize the word “sh*t,” but it did allow “sh*tted.” In fact, “sh*tted” was the key word (the long word you have to unlock to get to the next level) twice when I was playing it!

    I figured that the only explanation was that they had blocked the most obvious obscenities, but not less obvious ones. I also figured that if they were blocking the obvious ones, they would probably want to block the rest of them too, once they realized what happened.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Andrew!

      I do think that’s hilarious! It seems like it would be pretty easy to betatest this…give the game to a group of thirteen-year olds for ten minutes. 😉 But you are right, the one you cite might not come up right away.

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