Recent Kindle Release #13

Recent Kindle Releases #13

It’s all about the books, right?  So, here is a listing of some recent Kindle releases.   You can see earlier posts in this series here.

I’m trying to show you some real variety.  That’s one of the advantages of the Kindle…you don’t just have to read the tried and true (although you can, of course).   I think I’m safe saying that there is at least one thing on here…that you’d never read in a million years.   😉

A few little caveats:

  • Schedules change: books may be added or release dates changed. 
  • I don’t deliberately list books from companies that block text-to-speech, although it’s possible something will slip on to the list.  I try to be pretty careful, but things do change
  • I don’t list prices primarily because they can change (and do).  However, I’ve gotten from very inexpensive up to more than fifty dollars

If you’d like to check yourself (we may not have the same parameters for book choices), you can use this search:

August Kindle Releases

I list the author, the publisher (some people care about that), the number of device licenses, and the category or genre. 

The number of device licenses is the number of devices on which you can simultaneously have the book for one purchase price.  I actually have a question in to Amazon legal right now to pin down a question on that, but that’s the basics of it.   If it says “unlimited”, it was probably published independently through Amazon’s Digital Text Platform. 

I take the genre from the Amazon product page…books often have several categories listed, so I just pick the one I like best. 

Oh, and of course, you can get a free sample first…that may be a good idea if it’s an author you haven’t read before.

You may also want to look at the size of the file…some of these may be quite short.  You can figure a “normal length” book is somewhere around 800 KB.

How to Price eBooks for the Kindle: A Pocket Pricing Guide for Authors and Publishers to Maximize Sales and Royalties with the New 70 Percent Royalty Option 
by Stephen Windwalker
publisher: Kindle Nation Daily 
category: e-commerce
device licenses: unlimited

The Dean of Kindle Bloggers is always worth reading.  He’s intelligent, knowledgeable, and entertaining…a winning combination.  🙂  I’m not quite sure that “pocket” is an appropriate description of something without a physical existence (I can put the whole Kindle in my pocket, but that’s not the same), but maybe that’s just me.  😉

Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void
by Mary Roach 
publisher: W. W. Norton (a general interest publisher)
category: Astrophysics and Science
device licenses: 6

Roach is one of the most popular science writers of the past decade.  Getting to Mars is going to take a long time…what will happen to the people during that flight?  Roach is sure to make you think about that question in a new way…and give you the answers.

Sports Illustrated Blood, Sweat and Chalk: The Ultimate Football Playbook: How the Great Coaches Built Today’s Game 
by Tim Layden
publisher: Sports Illustrated
category: sports
device licenses: 6

This one is a big file (5153kb, 256 pages) which suggests a lot of pictures.  This is the story behind the plays…what popular offense was originally created for John Elway?  Where did the blitz originate?  Layden’s been writing for the magazine for a decade and a half…

Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade 
by Justin Spring
published by Macmillan (a general interest publisher)
category: biography
device licenses: 6

Slow down and go back over those roles: professor, tattoo artist, and sexual renegade.  One of these things is not like the others…I mean, whoever heard of a tattoo artist who was a sexual renegade?  😉

Give Us Liberty: a Tea Party Manifesto 
by Dick Armey & Matt Kibbe
published by HarperCollins (a general interest publisher)
category: politics
device licenses: 6

Dick Armey is the former Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, and was one of the forces behind the “Contract with America”.  Will this book give the Tea Party the definition that some people have suggested it needs?

The Age of Psiber Knights: A Place to Rule Special Edition 
by Thomas John Moscato
published by: independent
category: science fiction
device licenses: unlimited

Here’s my spotlighted indie for this edition.  It’s alternate history…and science fiction (but not, apparently, fantasy).  Instead of a Revolutionary War, there was a “colonial uprising”…which was defeated.  In 2276, the British Empire rules the world.  Don’t like the Agency Model?  This is another way to go…it’s ninety-nine cents at time of writing.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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