Flash! Search added to Kindle for PC

Flash! Search added to Kindle for PC

I tweeted this a couple of days ago, after seeing a tweet from Andrys A Kindle World of about it.  I hadn’t had a chance to test it until today.

Amazon has updated its free Kindle for PC app.  They seem to have done two main things: changed the background of the homescreen so you see that same “kid under a tree” graphic; and added in-book search.

The first one isn’t an advantage to me…I’d say I liked it better before.  🙂  However, I do have some color vision deficiency, and I tend to prefer flatter looks, perhaps for that reason.

The second change, though, that of adding search, is a great plus!  After you get the update (more on that in a bit), you can either type into a search box in your upper right with a book open, or (and this is really cool) highlight something and have the option to search without typing.

So, you have Alice in Wonderland open (that’s my normal test book…for a lot of the things I do, it’s good to use a public domain title).  You can just double-click the word dodo. You’ll get a choice to highlight, highlight and add a note, or search.  If you choose Search, you’ll get a sidebar with the results.  I really like this, compared to the Kindle.  You still see the text that you were reading, plus you get the context of each of the appearances of the word.  You get the context on the Kindle as well, but it’s in a different screen and you have to go Back to get back to what you were reading.  There’s a big red “You are here” bar above your current context…that’s a nice touch!

If you click one of the context quotes, you will jump there on the main screen…and you can use Back to get back to where you were.

It’s a very nice implementation.  You can’t interact with the results bar, except by clicking on it to go somewhere…no copying that list and pasting, but that’s okay.  I always hope that a more interactive document will enable text-to-speech (in this case, I tried Windows Narrator), but it didn’t.

Bottom line: I like it.  🙂

Now, as to how to get it…

I have my options (Tools-Options) set up to automatically apply updates…but it didn’t do it.  I reopened the program, did a Sync & Check…nope.  So, I went to Help-Future Improvements.  That did get me to a link for the update.  I think you can get to it directly here:

K4PC improvements 

If you already have Kindle for PC open, it will probably restart it and install it…that’s fine, I didn’t lose anything doing that, and you shouldn’t either.

Just another way Amazon is improving the product…thanks, Amazon!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


2 Responses to “Flash! Search added to Kindle for PC”

  1. FSkornia Says:

    Actually something really cool about the new Home Screen background. It changes based on the time of day. If you look at it now (night) there are stars and there is a glow coming from the boy’s book. If you change your computer’s clock to something during the day (I just swapped the AM and PM), the stars and glow from the book go away.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, FSkornia!

      That’s kind of cool, thanks! My Wii Fit changes for the seasons, too. Snow blows in the winter, for example…hmm, I wonder if it knows when it is in Australia and reverses that? Not that they have snow, but you get the idea… 😉

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