Flash! Some Kindle owners report freezing/rebooting problems with K3s

Flash! Some Kindle owners report freezing/rebooting problems with K3s

I have no idea how widespread this is, and I can’t even verify it is happening.

However, I’ve seen a number of reports that people’s new K3s are freezing or maybe crashing.  I’ve seen people say Amazon is replacing them quickly for them, which, if true, suggests a genuine and known problem.

It’s reminiscent of the sun fade problem some K2s had.  Many, presumably most, K2s were fine in the sunlight, but on some, the text would fade.  Amazon replaced those, quickly.

It could also be that these problems aren’t beyond what happens sometimes with other Kindle models…but this feels a bit different. 

If you get a Kindle, and it is having problems, contact Kindle Customer Service.  Sooner is probably better.  The Kindle has a thirty-day return policy…

If you have gotten a K3 that had serious problems, I’d appreciate hearing about your experience.  If your K3 has been fine so far, feel free to let me now that as well.  🙂

Kindle Customer Service:


There’s a button on the side that says Contact Us.

You can call them at

1-866-321-8851 (inside the US)

1-206-266-0927 (outside the US)

UK Kindleers, call 0800 496 2449

Some Amazon community threads mentioning problems with K3s:

Is My One Day Old K3 Dead?

Replacement kindle shipping soon

Kindle malfunction, possibly due to Every Word 

Kindle 3 keeps rebooting; customer service quick response 🙂 + review comments 

K3 crashed

K3 rebooting …

Update: Amazon has posted software updates for the K3s…

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Update: It also appears that the unlighted Kindle cover from Amazon may contribute to this problem.  Amazon is replacing them…for more information, see this

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This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

40 Responses to “Flash! Some Kindle owners report freezing/rebooting problems with K3s”

  1. GeekyGal Says:

    Thank you for ILMK. I’ve been a subscriber since 10/09.To report a K3G Graphite problem, mine arrived with a line across the screen. Not dead, and not fatal, but annoying.

    Called Kindle CS right away,and they asked if it would be OK for a replacement to be shipped about Sept 10. Since I can use the K3G (and my K 2, for that matter) no problem with a wait.

    I would have preferred to keep the power switch on the top, and move the headphone jack ( power cord, too, probably, but not as big of a deal) to the top.

    Other than that, I LOVE the form factor, better contrast, faster pages. The jury remains out on Sprint vs ATT coverage in my area, but I use an ATT phone with pretty good coverage, so I expect that to be fine.

    Thank you, again.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, GeekyGal!

      Sorry you had that problem…but I’m glad you can “read between the line”. 😉

      Having the headphone jack on the bottom is something I’m really going to enjoy. I listen to text-to-speech in the car frequently, and I use an m-edge platform cover. It flips over the top (so it can have a “reading easel” configuration). With the headphone jack on the top, I either have to take the Kindle out and turn it upside down or have it in the car with the cover front not closed. I’d prefer the greater protection. So for me, having everything on the bottom will be a plus.

      I’m glad you’re happy with it! Sprint was a lot better than AT&T in my house…but wi-fi should resolve that. Out and about, AT&T has been fine.

      Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Richard Askenase Says:

    I’m wondering if some of the freeze-up problems are due to so many NEW TO KINDLE purchasers using them aggressively for the first time (hit the buttons too fast and it will freeze- especially if the wireless is on). I did read where a Kindle was damaged and will be replaced by Amazon- in late September!! so that could be a PR priblem.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Richard!

      I do agree that it could be some user issue…but it’s interesting then that the Amazon response would be replacements rather than just explaining the issue. That seems especially odd when the device seem to be in very short supply still.

      • Dean Says:

        If you can crash a device by hitting the buttons too quickly then it’s not a user issue it’s a device issue.

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Dean!

        Well, as both an educator and a techie, I can’t entirely agree with that.

        You can drive your car 120 miles an hour and then try to stop in ten feet and fail…I’m not sure I would consider that a vehicle problem. Ideally, the car would be smarter enough to not let you go faster than you have enough room to stop (by distance estimating sonar, perhaps), but I don’t know that I consider that a flaw.

        On the other hand, there have been technical solutions to that very problem. I used to bring this up in classes. Does it drive you crazy that telephones and the ten key on your computer are upside down from each other? I learned to use a ten-key before home computers were common, and I was really fast on it. People like me are why the numbers are in a different order as I understand it. When touch-tone telephones were first being introduced, the engineers said, “Our switching equipment is too slow…we’re not going to be able to pick it up when they type.” So management said, “No problem, we’ll slow them down…move the numbers around so they can’t type.” 🙂 I don’t know if that’s true, but it makes sense.

        The qwerty keyboard you probably used to type your comment has a similar revolution. It was introduced because the typebars tended to crash into each other with certain common key combinations. So, they moved the letters around, just like they would with the numbers later. Now, of course, we don’t have the typebar problem, so some people use the Dvorak arrangement, which is much faster for most people (once they learn it).

        So, I do think some things can benefit from a technical solution.

        However, I also think it is legitimate for there to be training solutions. Let’s say you use a Sonicare. It tells you to put the toothbrush in your mouth before you turn it on (otherwise, it will spray the toothpaste all over the place). It’s it an easier solution to have the toothbrush be aware of whether it is in a mouth or not, or to educate the person?

        I’ve run into problems where a person has opened multiple instances of Internet Explorer instead of going to another website in the same instance (more common than you think). That can actually crash a computer…or at least, it used to be able to do that. I wouldn’t say the computer should have been able to have 100 instances of IE running.

        I don’t think people pushing buttons too quickly on the K3 is a problem, by the way. I do think some people are transferring hundreds of files at once using the USB cable…and the Kindle isn’t really set up for that.

        I appreciate your perspective on this, and I do understand it. I think there often are technical solutions. But if there is a behavioral change that can fix it in the meantime, I think that’s worth communicating.

      • Steve Says:

        I agree with Dean. If hitting buttons too fast ( for example, pressing the Next Page button several times quickly in order to skip ahead a few pages) causes the Kindle to freeze, it’s a bug in the Kindle. As a matter of fact, the reason I found this forum is because my one-day-old Kindle 3 Wifi just froze. It’s possible I may have pressed buttons “too” fast for it to gracefully handle, but I wouldn’t have suspected that if I hadn’t found this forum because it’s such a stupid bug for an advanced device.

        I’m also not impressed with the way it displays my pdf files. The one I’m currently trying to read shows up as only one paragraph per page, and the rest of the paragraphs show up as 2.5 screens of white space. (I’m using the 90 degree rotated mode, set to Fit Width.)

        When the user presses Next Page several times quickly, the Kindle should not only not freeze, it should avoid wasting time and battery power by not displaying the intermediate pages. (The Nook wastes time and power too, but at least it didn’t freeze.)

        I bought mine at Target, which has a 90 day return policy if not satisfied. So I might hang on to it for awhile to see if Amazon can tweak the software so it’s not such a piece of junk.

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Steve!

        I agree that, if the Kindle 3 could be frozen by hitting the Next Page button several times, that would be a problem. As I mentioned in my response to Dean, though, I haven’t heard of that happening from my readers or had that experience myself. It sounds like you did? I’m curious what that was like…did you press the page very rapidly several times? I can see why that might be something someone would try, although the “Go to” might be more elegant.

        As to the pdf: did you read it natively, or have it converted? I read pdfs frequently on mine, and haven’t had that problem…but mine don’t tend to very complex. They are curricula for classes, mostly, so there don’t tend to be columns. If the performance is unsatisfactory, certainly, you have the option to return it. I’ve enjoyed my Kindles very much, and saved a lot of money having them, but they have suited my needs and most have performed quite well. One had a screen failure, however…Amazon did replace that one with 1-day shipping.

        On the Target return policy…if you were looking for your money back, I believe that’s only in the case of an unused item. They do give store credit for ones that have been used. Portable electronics are subject to a 15% restocking fee, and I’m not sure if the Kindle falls into that category.


        If you do end up returning it, I’d appreciate you letting me know if they charged you that restocking fee…that way, I can let other people know. Amazon doesn’t charge a restocking fee (you do pay shipping back if you are returning it due to dissatisfaction as opposed to there being something wrong with it), but their trial period is thirty days.

        Thanks again for writing! I’m sorry your experience hasn’t been what you expected.

      • Steve Says:

        Hi again and thanks, bufocalvin, for your reply.

        I’m surprised you consider Goto more elegant than pressing the Next Page button a few times, when the goal is to skip ahead a few pages. Perhaps I’ve failed to understand the best way to use Goto? I’ve found it very tedious to press Goto, then press the Symbol button (to access the menu that contains numeric digits), then press the 5-way repeatedly to move to and select each digit of the desired page number, then press Symbol again, and then press the 5-way to move to and select the Page function. Wouldn’t it make sense to let some alphabetic keys serve as numeric keys when in Goto mode? The qwertyuiop keys could represent 1234567890.

        To answer your question about whether the pdf I was viewing when my K3 froze was in native pdf format or had been converted to kindle format: It was native pdf. Previously I’d tried Amazon’s free pdf-to-kindle conversion service on a different pdf but the result was unimpressive: Sometimes it inserted a space in the middle of a word, sometimes it deleted the space between adjacent words. Sometimes it removed the hyphen from hyphenated words, sometimes it left in a hyphen that was no longer appropriate. (In the original pdf, the word was hyphenated only because it had been split & word-wrapped at the end of a line, but in the converted file the word was no longer at the end of a line and therefore should not have retained the hyphen.) The indentation of indented bullet points was messed up. Tables were scrambled. I understand it’s hard to convert pdf files because the various elements lack semantic descriptors–they only have position and style information–but I’m surprised Amazon hasn’t done better.

        The Kindle could also do better displaying native pdf. Even in rotated (landscape) mode, the Fit Width font size is too small (especially if I try to read while walking–which is the main reason I want to use an ereader–since my hand shakes a bit with each step). So the zoom mode is necessary, and it requires panning right & left (in addition to the down that Fit Width requires). Unfortunately, it tends to split paragraphs so one must pan right & left for *each line* of the paragraph. That means dozens of screen redraws just to read one page, and it means continually concentrating on the 5-way and scroll bars to figure out which operation needs to be done next. I doubt that’s what Jeff Bezos had in mind when he said he wanted the Kindle to “disappear” so the user could be engrossed with the content.

        Also, it’s worse at the zoom mode than it needs to be, because it wastes a significant amount of screen area on white space that could instead have been used to let the entire width of the paragraph be displayed. In other words, panning right moves further than necessary, since it’s unnecessary to display white space at the right of the paragraph. It ought to do a better job calculating the effective margins, to avoid wasting screen area displaying white space. If it avoided wasting that screen area, there wouldn’t be a need to pan back & forth dozens of times.

        I think it should also reduce the white space vertical gaps between paragraphs, below headers, above footers, and between lines of a paragraph to make more screen space available for text. I’ve had to press Down on the 5-way twice per page to reach the lowest couple of lines of the page, when pressing Down once would have sufficed if the vertical gaps on the page had been slightly scrunched.

        The Categories feature is another disappointment. It’s a significant step ahead of the Nook, but it doesn’t allow subcategories and it doesn’t allow the use of one’s pc via USB port to easily create categories (folders) and drag&drop books (files) into them. I think it wouldn’t have been hard for Amazon to implement this.

        I’d be interested in trying the preview update (3.0.2) to see if it improves anything relevant to me, but the Amazon webpage that offers 3.0.2 doesn’t say what’s changed since 3.0.1, and they don’t have instructions for how to uninstall it if it’s worse.


  3. lp Says:

    Clearly there are some defective Kindles, as is to be expected with a mass rollout. And I don’t have one, so I’m speculating.

    But when I’ve had a problem in with freezing/rebooting it has generally been because I’ve asked the Kindle to do too much at the same time. And it appears that some existing Kindle owners have asked to K3 to connect to WiFi, download and index several hundred books, sort the several hundred books into collections, and play a game, all at roughly the same time (and some without fully charging the Kindle for the recommended time first).

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, lp!

      I do agree that there could be a user factor. However, what argues against that for me is that Amazon is reportedly replacing the Kindles quickly. If all it took was a restart, I would think the Kindle Customer Service rep would talk the person through that and all would be good.

      You are correct that it might be best to leave the Kindle plugged in at first while you are doing a lot of operations. I recommend leaving them plugged in overnight the first night.

      The Kindle has also never been good at dealing with many books transferred via USB at the same time. It just isn’t really set up to deal with a large amount dumped on it at one time, I think.

  4. Al Says:

    I thought my new K3 was doing funny things, and indeed it may, but I had it resting on my lap with the bottom edge in contact with my body. It appears that I nudged the power switch and it started into sleep or went into sleep. I moved it to my leg which I propped up to get the angle I wanted. It stopped doing that little failure dance. Coincidence? Perhaps.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Al!

      That’s an interesting idea! That’s sort of parallel to the iPhone 4 problem, if that’s it. I can see how that might not get properly beta-tested.

  5. Terry Perdue Says:

    My new Kindle 3G (arrived on Friday, giving me the weekend to play!) occasionally hangs or reboots, but only while I’m using the browser. One time it displayed the message ‘A network service error has occurred’.

    Another time, when I was composing a short email response, it reset, displaying the boy under the tree and progress bar, with the email I was writing in a window on top of that!

    Aside from that (which will likely be fixed via Whispernet), the browser is a big improvement over the K2.

    I noticed one other little bug – entering 411 on from Settings allows access to only the first of three pages. But since that’s an undocumented function, I can’t really consider it a problem.

    What a great product! (My wife now owns my old K2.)

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Terry, thanks for writing!

      I appreciate that report. If I were you (but I’m not), I’d consider contacting Kindle Customer Service. It shouldn’t be doing that, as you probably know from your K2. They may send you a new one…my feeling would be that it’s easier to do that sooner, before you start putting personal documents and such on it.

      However, totally up to you… 🙂

  6. Tom Madsen Says:

    I’ve had 2 freezes while using the new browser. Also it froze up while purchasing a book. I have the wifi only kindle. This happened on 2 different networks. My purchase began downloading once I brought it back from the freeze. 🙂

    Not sure it’s worth sending it back. It seems something a system software update should fix. I’ll call CS to let them know about the issue.

    I really love this new little guy, also I like the new Amazon case. I went for the $35 one.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom!

      I would call Customer Service. If it is something which should be replaced (and it certainly might not be), you don’t want to wait on that. It gets harder as time goes by, I think…

  7. Mia V Says:

    Since receiving my K3 wi-fi yesterday, I’ve had severe issues with rebooting. Even though I’m a ‘New to Kindle’ user, there’s no way I’m using it aggressively. I uploaded 6 or so PDFs and a couple of books that I had on my iPhone Kindle. I was able to open two PDFs but then it started crashing and rebooting any time I tried to open something. It also shows that I have no archived items even though I know I have about 10 previously purchased items. After deleting the PDFs, the crashing continued when I tried to connect to WiFi.

    I love the product, it’s incredible for reading. BUT I’m worried about the PDF issue. I read a lot of journal articles on PDF for class and would love to use my kindle for this…

    Any suggestions for troubleshooting or resetting?

  8. Jose Ibarra Angeles (Manila, Philippines) Says:


    My wife’s Kindle Next Gen (2010) 6″ screen arrived yesterday by DHL. Today, it started doing precisely what you described. It kept on rebooting non-stop every time I tried reading a small PDF file.

    I couldn’t do much about it as we were in the car on the way to work. Finally, here at the office, I looked up Amazon’s Kindle support page.

    I did what it suggested and plugged it into my Mac’s USB. Then I did a soft restart as instructed.

    So far, no more reboot problems.

    I don’t know how long this will work or will my wife have to keep her Kindle plugged in for power?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jose!

      That could have taken care of it…and there seems to be a software update that might be coming. Is your wife’s Kindle wi-fi only, or wi-fi and 3G?

      You might want to call Kindle Customer Service: they might just want to send you a new one, and that’s easier sooner than later. I’m not sure if the US toll-free number will work for you in the Philippines…

      Start here:


  9. MFM Says:

    Hmmm . . . I have experienced the freezing problem everyone describes above, but I have also experienced a number of other problems that suggest more serious problems with the K3. I previously owned a K2 and loved it, but it died right when the K3 was announced. I received my K3 in the first wave of shipments. . . . and I’ve had to have two Kindle 3s replaced already. However, I am concerned. I am on my third K3 (waiting for the 3rd to arrive) since August 27. The first K3 behaved in a bizarre fashion. Every time I pressed the turn page button, the screen would momentarily freeze, then flash a reverse image of the page (white on a black background instead of black on the grey/white background) before finally moving to the next page. It was rough on my eyes. Additionally, the K3 was not holding information about most recent book read, nor would it synch to the last page read ( and yes my battery was fully charged).

    I called up technical service. They were quite kind and dispatched a new K3 overnight. The second K3 arrived. I treated it like a babe in swaddling clothes. The first problem occurred when I tried to register it. I kept getting the message “no known email and and password exists” or something along those lines. I called up technical support. The tech and I went through the process multiple times. The K3 would not register. The tech promised to send me an email within 12 hours with other suggestions. I never received the email. In the meantime, I decided to move to another wifi spot and was able to complete the registration.
    Just as an aside, I do not have the 3G version of K3 as ATT has no coverage in my area. I miss Sprint. Why Amazon had to follow Apple in this direction, I do not know. I am a diehard Apple user, but I have not purchased an ipone or an iPad because of Apple’s exclusive agreement with ATT. Now, I have to drive 15 miles to the nearest wifi spot to handle K3 issues that cannot be handled via computer. I’ve spent a lot of time driving to town both to register and to talk with technical support.

    The replacement K3 worked well for the first 36 hours. Unfortunately, midway through reading a book, the second K3 froze. Being an old Kindler, I simply went through the usual restart routine. However, when the Kindle restarted, the page was unreadable. The upper half of the kindle was unreadable. It looked like a mangled mash with a portion of a screen saver picture and ahuge rectangle of grey and darker grey blank space. Only the bottom half of the page was readable. I went through the restart action again, same result. I called technical support. Amazon is sending yet another replacement. The holiday weekend has delayed its arrival. Supposedly, it will come today.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else had experienced these problems. After reading the posts on various other K3 problems, I am trying to determine if the first two defective K3s I received should be chalked up to coincidence or whether these problems are indicative of serious problems with the K3 design. If I keep the third Kindle, I will definitely purchase the extended warranty because I do not altogether trust the K3’s performance over time. However, I am seriously considering returning the second replacement for a refund in case there are serious kinks in the design that need to be resolved. Any suggestions?

  10. Ruth Says:

    First I want to say I subscriped to your blog on Sept. 19, 2009 and I have been very happy and impressed with it.

    I have owned one of every generation of Kindle. My new Kindle 3G with Wi-Fi arrived Aug. 31. My kindle is basically on all day and I have 14 blogs and over 400 books on the Kindle and about 1500 books in the archive. I have not had any of the problems refered to. I have an occasional problem where my Kindle will freeze for sometime before it continues do to what I asked it do to but this has been true of every Kindle I have owned.

    I would say that the size of the new Kindle feels more like the size of a paperback and I’m happy with that and I don’t know that I would want it any smaller. The contrast on the screen is really a marked improvement over the previous Kindles. I like having the forward and back buttons on both sides. The location of the on/off switch at the bottom is not an issue with me. I thought I would miss the numbers on the keypad but it turns out that I don’t find that a problem.

    I did have some problems with notes and highligts not showing up. I talked with several people from the excellent support group and after some time it turned out to be a configuration issue.

  11. Sandy Says:

    I received my Kindle 2 on Sept 8. On the 13th it froze on the page that said “please wait while your Kindle starts up”. I saw on a website that they were replacing them. I called customer service, they had me try a few different things, including a soft reset. When none worked, they said they would send me a new one. I explained that I was leaving on vacation on Friday, and they shipped it 1 day air-I received it the next day.
    One note–they did ask me if I was experiencing lines across the screen so apparently both of these are known problems.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Sandy!

      Wow! Great service!

      I think one reason they asked about the lines might be that it is an indication of having had too much pressure on the screen…might be a diagnostic as well.

  12. Sandy Says:

    UPDATE: The replacement I received will not connect to the internet. I was on the phone with them for about an hour this morning. Now, it shows the WIFI icon but still will not connect to the Kindle Store or browwer and shows that I have 0 Archived items.
    The guy on the phone actually told me that I needed to go to a hot-spot (e.g. Starbucks) and connect there, and that would update it. I questioned that–I have an unsecured internet connection at my office. I asked what the difference would be. He went on to explain what a hot spot is. I told that I work in IT and was very familiar with a Hot Spot. He then suggested a few more things. They did not work. He then asked me to try it from my home internet connection as I may have a firewall here (I don’t). So to humor them, I will wait another 4 hours until I get out of work. Looks like they will be sending me another new one-or refunding my money. I am VERY frustrated.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for the update, Sandy!

      I’m sorry to hear that! It definitely sounds like it isn’t connecting, since it is showing zero archived items.

      They probably took you through all the usuals, like a restart:


      When you view the wi-fi networks

      Home-Menu-Setttings-WiFi (view)

      what do you see?

      You know you can use the Advanced option to manually set up the network, right?

      What software version is it? When you are on the settings screen, does it start with 3.0.1? If not, I’d update that.

      One last thing, but I’d be surprised this is affecting you with a brand new one…you can try clearing the cookies and the cache, then restarting.

      Home-Menu-Experimental-Web Browser-Launch Browser (there are other ways to get there)

      When the browser launches,

      Menu-Browser settings-Clear History

      Menu-Browser settings-Clear Cookies

      It’s certainly possible you can’t get on the Enterprise network at work, though. It’s not unreasonable of him to suggest that you try a hotspot…although I know that isn’t always convenient.

  13. Jean Cogdell Says:

    Thanks so much for your post. My K3 crashed today and I freaked. The help desk answered in only a few seconds and fixed my problem. Yea.

  14. Peter Simon Says:

    I’ve had two K3’s now since September, and they’ve both had repeated rebooting problems. “Repeated” as in every day. The K2 that the K3 replaced hasn’t had these problems at all. I’m on the cusp of giving up on the K3 altogether.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Peter!

      I’m sorry to hear that! Are you using the Amazon unlighted cover? Amazon is exchanging or refunding those, because they may be causing problems.

      My first two Kindle 3s had screen failures, but my third one has been fine…and I didn’t have the rebooting probems.

      What software version do you have? Home-Menu-Settings, then look at the bottom.

  15. RNFQueen Says:

    I just called Amazon with the Kindle crashing issue and was told it was my cover doing it (that’s the non-lighted one). They issued me a $25 promotional credit and refunded the cost of the cover so that I could order a lighted one. From what I read online after the call, the metal hooks that latch onto the Kindle are causing the issue.

    I’ve been using the Kindle now without the cover on for the last 45 minutes or so and no crashes. Considering the crashes were coming every few minutes before, I think my problems might be over — knock on wood!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, RNFQueen!

      Yes, I’ve posted about the cover refund…I probably should edit the post you commented to reflect that.

  16. NYAZCA2 Says:

    Since you were collecting info about freeze-ups I thought I’d join the discussion. I have a Kindle 3 and I adore it. Last night to my greatest dismay my Kindle froze up when I tried to get rid of the “go to screen” by hitting the menu button again while the Kindle was in need of recharging. I went to Amazon’s support FAQs and found out that I could do a hard rest by holding the on switch for 15 seconds. It took a minute or two to come back up, but now I’m back in business. Now I love my Kindle even more. The only unfortunate part was that I had to get out of my warm bed to access the FAQs and give up reading for the night so I could re-charge, but that’s not so bad. I needed the sleep anyway.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, NYAZCA2!

      Sorry you had that experience! Now, at least, you’ll know what to try if something strange happens with your Kindle…without getting out of bed. 🙂

      If your Kindle is responsive, it’s better to do


      but when it’s not, what you did was good.

      On any Kindle except a K1, unplug it from power sources (USB or wall) first.

      You may also find this post on trouble-shooting interesting:


  17. debbiejl Says:

    My new kindle (christmas present) froze about two weeks ago while I was showing it off to someone. I had to re-boot it and its worked fine since.

  18. Donald Says:

    I had a rebooting problem and quickly did the Google search to find this page. I called kindle Support and they were quick and helpful in diagnosing the problem. I will have a new Kindle in two days, including any books that I have downloard from Amazon. This is great customer service.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Donald!

      My experiences with Kindle Customer Service have been great! Thanks for taking the time to let me know yours was as well. 🙂 If my post helped you get it resolved, that’s even better. 🙂

  19. Jack Killingsworth Says:

    My brand new Kindle is great everything is right side up, but my book is upside down. HELP!!!!!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Jack!

      It seems odd that the orientation would be different for the book. Regardless, hit the Aa button, and you’ll see orientation options there. Try adjusting those and see if it helps.

      It’s possible the book is formatted to be upside down (that wouldn’t be normal), but that seems unlikely.

  20. It’s ILMK’s 4th birthday! | I Love My Kindle Says:

    […] Flash! Some Kindle owners report freezing/rebooting problems with K3s […]

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