How is your K3 working?

How is your K3 working?

I mentioned in a recent post that I’m seeing threads about issues with the Kindle 3s.  I was curious to get a little more information about what may or may not be happening.

CS in the below polls is short for Customer Service. 

K3 is the third generation Kindle (wi-fi only or wi-fi and 3G)

NOTE: I corrected an error in the questions in the following poll, but it may not have been corrected in the version you are seeing.  The last two questions should start with “I’ve had bad experiences…”

Any other comments?  Other issues I didn’t name?  Feel free to let me know! 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


25 Responses to “How is your K3 working?”

  1. Joan Huston Says:

    A complete factory reset seems to have cured my k3’s problem of freezing and restarting. Maybe you should have people try that before calling CS.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Joan!

      I’m glad that worked for you. Hypothetically, you are only supposed to do that when CS tells you to do it. I think they are worried about it wiping out things the person doesn’t expect. I’m always a little careful about recommending that one (unless you are giving the device to someone else).

      I really appreciate that, though!

  2. Tom Semple Says:

    I’m still waiting to hear about Audible integration – CS couldn’t tell me anything about it when I called them a couple of days ago.

    The manual is a little vague on the details, but I was expecting to see an ‘Audible’ section in when I go to Kindle Store on my K3, and from there to some page where you link your Audible account to Amazon. Judging by forum postings, I’m the only one who cares about it (or who has yet to figure it out ) but I like the idea of doing all my ‘reading’ on one device without needing a computer to get content on it.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Tom!

      When you are trying to do it, are you on wi-fi? I know it is only supposed to work with wi-fi, not 3G. i don’t know if it will be sophisticated enough not to show the option when on 3G, though…

  3. Tom Semple Says:

    Another of my minor issues was moving the 80 or so samples from my K2 to the K3 (to save the work of downloading them all again). My assumption was that the DRM would allow this, since I was able to do it with some samples I copied to K4Mac in the past. But it turns out that some Topaz format samples, maybe all of them, are tied to a specific device, and would give an error when I tried to open them on the K3. So I had to hunt all of these down (about 15 of them in my case), delete them, and re-download them.

    Interestingly, when I checked the status of indexing (search for nonsense string ‘skdfl’ in My Items will show items that it hasn’t indexed yet) I found I’d missed one of the samples: if Kindle can’t open them, they can’t be indexed either (makes sense..), and will sit in the index queue forever apparently. I have had a number of spontaneous restarts/freezes since Friday, for no apparent reason, but today none so far. Don’t know if these two issues correlate but I’ll be happy if it turns out that they do, now that I’ve gotten rid of all the ‘bad’ samples.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing again, Tom!

      Hmm…I always thought it was okay to just transfer samples. I haven’t heard of a problem with TDTF (The Dreaded Topaz Format) 😉 before. Yes, a problem sample can, I think, get into an endless indexing loop. In the past, that’s been a recommendation I’ve made to people with problems (like short battery charge duration)…get rid of the samples.

      You’ve given me some things to consider…thanks!

  4. Tom Semple Says:

    Just called Amazon CS again about the Audible features that have been added to K3. They put me on hold for a couple of minutes, and when the rep came back, she told me to expect an email in ‘a couple of weeks’ informing me that the feature was available. I think she said that the Kindle is already enabled for it and would not require a software update, i.e. it’s a server side change.

    I didn’t want to press my luck by asking whether I would be able to download existing content from my Audible library, or just newly purchased content. I hope that’s the case; although I can navigate to my Audible library with the new webkit browser, it won’t download anything other than mobi/prc/azw/txt files.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      One more thing, Tom…you know you can put that content on your Kindle using the USB, right? You could on the K2, at any rate. The DX User’s guide says:

      The first time you play an Audible audiobook, you will be prompted to register your Kindle with Audible. Make sure you register with your Audible account name and password, not your Amazon account credentials. For more information on Audible, go to

      The new User’s Guide has a whole different approach, though, as I recall. It wasn’t clear to me from that if you could put MP3s in the Audible file…which would be a considerable loss for me.

      • Tom Semple Says:

        Yes, I’ve been doing USB transfer for awhile, but I think the more direct integration of Audible content to Kindle store will be a brilliant combination, especially now that there is a little more storage on board. I’m hoping Amazon will evolve this relationship further and offer hybrid content specifically for Kindle platform: i.e. synchronize ebook text with the audio performance.

        I like audiobooks but often wish I had the text to go with it for ability to navigate audio via text search, or just being able to read it myself, annotate/highlight. And while TTS is great, it would be nice to be able to ‘upgrade’ to a real performance for some material.

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for following up, Tom!

        Great! I’m glad you know how to sideload.

        I agree that Audible integration with the Kindle store will be a good thing. I’ve never been into audiobooks myself. I use text-to-speech for hours every week, but that’s different, as you say. Synchronizing an audio track with text is going to be very tricky. Oh, it’s easy enough to do with a movie, but that’s quite different…and memory intensive, I think.

        They have some Kindle store books with integrated audio now…although they are huge, and don’t work on Kindles. 😦

      • Al Says:

        I had not been able to use Audible before as it required a Windows computer to get registered. Audible said that was an Apple problem and I told them no, it is their product, so it is an Audible problem. Obviously they did not want me as a customer so I have not tested it since. Can one buy Audible stories now with an Apple computer? Has the problem been fixed? I have heard nothing and seen nothing about the problem.

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Al!

        I’ve never done anything with Audible, but I know they are compatible with OS X, iPods, iPhones…even a bunch of GPS devices.

  5. tuxgirl Says:

    Periwinkle Blue, Fool for Books and I have been manning the CS Q&A forum, and it would be great if you could let people know that the majority of problems reported on the forum have been resolved either by restarting (soft reset) or by plugging in for an hour and then restarting. I don’t know why, but even the complaints about spontaneous reboots seem to be resolved by having the user do a soft reset.

    The plugging in for an hour part is actually partly to make sure that the battery is full, but also to ensure that everything is able to index before they try to do too much. A lot of people are trying to download 100+ books onto the kindle and immediately start messing around with the browser or with PDFs. The kindle isn’t very happy when it’s trying to index and trying to do something else.

    Anyway, I know that you reach more people than the three of us can on the forums, so if you could pass those messages along, it would probably help a bit! 🙂

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, tuxgirl!

      Will do! I know who is volunteering at Q&A, by the way…I still check it every day or so, but there’s often no reason for me to chime in. 🙂

      I usually recommend people leave the Kindle plugged in overnight the first night, and after they’ve downloaded a bunch of books. That gives it a chance to index.

  6. Teresa Says:

    RE: the Audble and MP3 issue. You can still put MP3 audiobooks and music in the Audible folder on the K3 and play them through the main screen. I love this feature with my Audio books. I also found I can download the MP3 format (versus the usual WMA format) audio books I get from my local library through Overdrive into the Audible folder and play those through my Kindle as well.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Teresa!

      Excellent! Thanks for that report! I love that feature, too. 🙂 I use it for Old Time Radio shows…nice sometimes in the car or on the plane. I’ve also used it for sound clips I wanted to pull up at a particular time.

      You can also get free audiobooks online:

      Those are read by volunteers, so they don’t have the skills of the ones you get from the library

      That’s the same idea, and there will be some overlap between the catalogues of specific recordings.

  7. draegi Says:

    Is no-one else having issues with getting theirs? I ordered mine on the first day it was available but it still hasn’t arrived, and I’ve heard that’s happening all over the UK at least. A bit rubbish considering if kindle was sold by a physical shop they would have riots on their hands if they didn’t have any (or any explanation) for almost a week after they said they’d start supplying…

    Ah well, I’ll stop complaining when it arrives soon enough, I guess!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, draegi!

      I’m sorry to hear that! They originally said:

      “…will ship to customers in over 140 countries and 30 territories beginning August 27”

      That means they aren’t really behind that, right? They started shipping in the US 25 August, so I’m thinking UK Kindleers will have them soon…

      I didn’t order until August 7…but interestingly, I don’t have a shipping date yet…

  8. Sherri Says:

    Mine just arrived this evening (I ordered 7/28). So far, the only problem I noticed was a brief period when page turns noticeably slowed down. I’m not sure what caused it. I only downloaded a handful of books to it. I noticed it soon after I had connected the K3 to my home WiFi network, but it persisted for a few minutes after I turned off the wireless. It was noticeable enough that I got my K2 out and compared the page turns side by side, and the K2 was faster. But about the time I started to panic, the problem cleared up, and the page turns are zippy again. I turned the wireless on again, and the problem did not recur. All this was while the K3 was not yet fully charged, but plugged into AC power.

    Pure speculation, but it could be the case that the initial indexing is compute intensive, and that it doesn’t take much during that time to put a strain on the Kindle CPU. Of course, sometimes just reading was enough to strain the Kindle 1 – I used to keep a paper clip with my Kindle 1 so I could reset it when it froze!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Sherri!

      Congratulations on your “new arrival”…literally, in this case. 😉

      The Kindle’s CPU isn’t expected to do much at a time, so I do think anything can slow it down. I’m also guessing that the restarts may sometimes have to do with tweaky little updates (not numbered…maybe ‘patches” is a better word). While it processed that, it could cause a slow redraw…maybe.

  9. Al Says:

    I was unable to reply to one of the poll questions as there was no appropriate answer. It was the one about contacting CS when there was a problem. I always wait until the problem happens more than once, as sometimes I fix the problem myself even if I don’t know how I did it. I had my screen go blank, then restart. I had the Kindle sitting on my lap with the power switch in contact. I think I may have caused the switch to move, so moved the Kindle to my leg and it has not happened since. Meanwhile, however, I have done a soft reset and allowed the indexing to finish. I did not contact CS because the problem has not come back.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing again, Al!

      I’d put you in the category of “I fixed it myself”. Changing you position is a fix…and a clever one at that.

  10. gunnyrose Says:

    Our K3 arrived on 8-30 and is even more than I had hoped for. The size is just striking compared to our K2. It is almost petite and too light but part of that is that I don’t yet have a case for it…yet.

    The first thing we changed is to have ILMK ported to the K3 and your blog looks great with the higher contrast. I almost feel disloyal moving material from the K2 but will still use it when my Sig Other is using the K3.

    The wireless was a breeze to set up and seems quite responsive. I have not used the 3G access yet but plan on a test later today. I’m also giving the K3 a full charge and will see how long it takes to drain the battery. The kindle is so small that I really don’t think I’ll get a month of use but that is the reason for the test.

    Thanks so much for all of your posts on ILMK!! I have been informed, educated, and entertained and appreciate all your work.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, gunnyrose!

      Great to hear about the wireless! The idea of it being too small is one of those interesting questions. I read my K2 in a cover, and may not have one for my K3 when I get it. That will make it seem different, at first.

      Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

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