Flash! I’ve tried the 3.03 update for the K3

Flash! I’ve tried the 3.03 update for the K3

As I expected, I haven’t (so far) seen any menu or interface changes with the new early release software update for the Kindle 3.

I was hoping it would give us a “persistent zoom” on the browser (so  I could tell it to always make the webpage image at, say, 150%), but no such luck.

Are the page turns faster?  Maybe…hard to tell, because they weren’t slow before.  The text doesn’t look any different to me, at least.  The web browser does seem a bit faster, but that’s subjective as well.  When I’ve zoomed a page and then go to a different section of that page, that seems to happen more quickly.

I wouldn’t say there were any significant problems to fix for me with Drake (knock virtual wood), so there aren’t any standouts for me to notice.

The update process took about six to seven minutes, and went smoothly.

I don’t have any “hacks” on my Kindle, so I’m not seeing anything there. 

My guess is that it mostly fixes problems and might plug a hole or two. 

If you aren’t having problems, my feeling is you can wait until this is official.  If you are having problems, it might be worth a try.  If you have “hacks” or otherwise work significantly outside the system, this might cause a problem for you.  I’ve heard rumored that blocks the new installation of at least one hack…without affecting a hack you have already installed.  I do not recommend doing hacks, because they violate your Terms of Service with Amazon.

Have you updated and noticed anything?  Feel free to let me know.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


One Response to “Flash! I’ve tried the 3.03 update for the K3”

  1. Daz Says:

    My Kindle is on version 3.0.1 and all seems well. Would it be worth upgrading or should I just wait for the automatic roll out that will sync with my Kindle one day when the wifi is turned on?

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