Drake, me, out to the ballgame

Drake, me, out to the ballgame

We were at the World Series last night!

Drake at the World Series

It was a great game!  The weather was good (we thought it might rain), and the crowd was into it.  Nice to be at AT&T where they have vegetarian food at the park. 

We sat in front of home plate.  😉  That is, in the bleachers under the scoreboard.  I’d never sat there before, and I did enjoy those seats…you could see the pitches and call balls and strikes yourself, which was great. 

My parents bought a dozen tickets for family members, and we had three generations in the row.  We were sorry our offspring was away at college and couldn’t join us!

I enjoy baseball, although my Significant Other is more into it.  I wouldn’t have paid $500 a seat to go, certainly, but it was wonderful that we had the tickets as gifts.

Oh, and no, I didn’t read Drake the entire time.  🙂  I just pulled my Kindle out to take a picture for you readers (which did amuse some of my family).  Of course, we did have quite a lengthy discussion with somebody on BART on the way back after the game.  Both my SO and I had Kindles out (a 2 and a 3), and I let somebody try it out…I keep a demo book on there for that purpose.

As to the game itself…I”m not going to get all sporty on you.  I did do my research before the game (by listening to the local sports station), and I already knew some of it.  I think that a knowledgeable person should be knowledgeable of pop culture as well.  I always loved an ad lib from Tony Randall.  He was on a game show (I think it might have been Pyramid), and I believe the clue was Cheap Skate.  You were supposed to get Dorothy Hamill from that, as I recall.  He had no idea who she was, and the other players were surprised.  I remember him saying, “It is something an educated person need not reproach himself for not knowing.”  🙂

I don’t agree with that, though…all knowledge is valuable.  That doesn’t mean you need to try to know everything (the more you know, the more you know there is to know), but there is no worthless information, in my opinion.

So, back to the game.  🙂  The Giants have been treated in the national media somewhat like the Kindle was (see how I did that) 😉 when it was first released.  They were seen as not having a chance…and still are seen that way.  The last time we were going for world championship, it was largely about Barry Bonds.  On this one, we’ve got a pretty diverse group…kind of quirky, certainly, but no real overshadowing by a couple of players of the rest. 

The most amazing thing to me was the series of walks by the Rangers.  I leaned over to my SO and said, “Maybe the strike zone is bigger in Texas.”  😉  11 balls called in a row!  That means, for eleven pitches, you or I could have gotten it across the plate as well as a World Series pitcher!  I mean, they kept bringing out pitcher after pitcher…I thought they were going to run out!  They walked in runs in the World Series!  I wanted to say it’s more fun if you let us hit one once in a while. 

Not that I minded us getting all those runs.  😉

I’m not at all a sports prognosticator, but I think we have to be a bit cautious about thinking that the games in Texas will have the same results as the two games here so far.  That’s going to be a very different situation…and hey, Steve Perry of Journey really got us all pumped up!  Oh, and we had a Psy Ops officer sing God Bless America…I couldn’t help wondering what the real agenda was.  🙂  Seemed to work, though…  🙂

Well, that’s enough sports stuff for right now.  I think I might have jeopardized my geek cred with this post…nah, that couldn’t happen…and I think taking a picture of my Kindle at the World Series means my reputation is safe.  🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

4 Responses to “Drake, me, out to the ballgame”

  1. prairiepenguin Says:

    Hope you weren’t reading “Fall of the Giants” =)

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, prairiepenguin!


      The Rangers certainly weren’t reading it last night…

      “Ken” the Giants do it? 😉 We’ll see…

  2. Dave Says:

    LOL – I’ve never heard it described as “in front of home plate” before. Hilarious.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Dave!

      Thanks! I figure in front of the plate, behind the plate…why should a little preposition make such a status difference, right?


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