Freebie flash! Dancing, Dead, Spinning, Beans…and more

 Freebie flash! Dancing, Dead, Spinning, Beans…and more

As usual, I don’t vouch for these books, and they come from companies that are not (to my knowledge) blocking text-to-speech. As promotional titles, they may not be free for long. Note: these books are free in the USA: prices in other countries may vary.

Unti James Novella
published by HarperCollins (a general interest publisher)

I assume this is supposed to say “Untitled James Novella”.  A novella is shorter than a novel.  The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America defines it as 17,500 to 39,999 words.  For them, novels start at 40,000 words.  I don’t know what this one is going to be…there are a lot of authors with “James” in their names.  🙂  It’s not going to be published until February, 2011.

The Hangman’s Daughter (chapters 1-3)
Oliver Pötzsch (author), Lee Chadeayne (translator)
published by AmazonCrossing (a part of Amazon that specializes in books first published outside the USA)

This is an “historical thriller” from a German television writer who is “…a descendent of the Kuisls, a famous Bavarian executioner clan.”

Kaplan New GRE: An Introduction to the GRE Revised General Test
published by Kaplan (a test prep publisher)

The Graduate Record Exam is being redesigned, and Kaplan is a famous test prep publisher.

Dancing in the Lowcountry
by James Villas
published by Kensington Books (a genre and romance publisher)

James Villas is a famous food writer.  This is a “contemporary fiction” novel.

Half Past Dead
by Zoe Archer, Bianca D’Arc
published by Kensington Books (a genre and romance publisher)

Two novellas by different authors bring you paranormal romance…with zombies.

Cool Beans: A Maya Davis Novel
by Erynn Mangum
published by NavPress (a faith-based publisher)

Spinning Forward
by Terri DuLong
published by Kensington Books (a genre and romance publisher)

This one was free last year…it’s a contemporary fiction novel and involves knitting.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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