Flash! I buy a Kindle 3 cover

Flash! I buy a Kindle 3 cover

Since I’ve had a Kindle 3, I’ve been using a bubble mailing envelope as a cover.

That’s not my preference.  I really liked my m-edge platform cover I had on my K2.  That’s definitely what I wanted for my K3, too, but it’s not available yet.  M-edge has, for some reason, not been able to produce their full line of covers for the K3 yet.  That’s been surprising me…the Kindle 3 was announced July 28…three months ago.  It doesn’t seem like it should be that much work to resize existing covers…even though they may not have had a model at first. 

I have some things I want in a Kindle cover:

  • Non-leather (I don’t use leather)
  • A “reading easel” configuration
  • It has to be small enough to fit in my big pocket in my photojournalist vest
  • A pocket for a screen wipe
  • Easy access to the power switch and the headphone jack
  • Not looking like an expensive electronic gadget (I walk though some tough areas some times)
  • The ability to take it in and out easily
  • Easy to hold when reading…and to work the buttons with either hand (I’m ambidextrous)
  • Under about thirty dollars

I’ve been looking at various places (including Amazon, of course).  Someone recommended TJ Maxx: I tried that, but they didn’t have a K3.  They also just had sleeves…I prefer a cover.  With a sleeve, you slip the Kindle out of it to read, and then read it naked (not you, the Kindle…well, it could be you, I guess).  😉  With a cover, you read the Kindle with it still inside it.  My preference comes because of the drop protection, mostly.

I’d taken a look at Staples, which carries the Kindle.  Interestingly, they were promoting that the Kindle DX was coming.  I suspect that might mean a model of it with wi-fi (before the holidays), but we’ll see.  In fact, it was kind of funny…they had $189 under a cardboard Kindle DX, but the description explained it was for the 6″.  They had some Kindle covers, but nothing that I wanted.

Somebody recommended Ross, and that was on our list of possibles today.  However, we had to stop at Target first today, so I thought I’d check those out.  They did have Kindle 3 covers.

One of them had a reading easel…that was a big plus.  I checked it out: it fit in my pocket.  I have to admit, I was hoping that an employee didn’t walk by while I was sticking merchandise in my pocket!  It actually had a very nice way of snapping the Kindle into it, rather than using elastic.  The buttons and headphone jack were easily accessible.  It wasn’t leather, and had microfleece inside the cover.

It didn’t have pockets to hold anything, though.  It was $29.95…that’ s right at my upper limit.  I didn’t like the mechanism of the reading easel as much.  With an m-edge, there is a strap that slips into a hole on the front of the cover.  That lets me use the strap to secure it around a towel bar (for when I’m brushing my teeth).  This easel is like a picture frame…that also doesn’t feel as solid.   The “footprint” is also much bigger.

The only color they had was red.  I’m not that big on color (I have some color vision deficiency…”color blindness”), but the red was a little flashy…I prefer to not attract attention with my Kindle when it is in the case.

However, my Significant Other (SO) thought the red color and design of the cover was cute…sold.  🙂

I switched from the mailing envelope right away…it’s raining a little bit here today.  I don’t like the configuration of holding it left-handed as well as on the m-edge, but I can probably get used to it.  Besides, I can just switch to right-handed…doesn’t really make a difference, but I like being able to trade off.  The cover is too stiff for now…I’m hopig it will get to folding flat.  Right now, the “spine” maintains its shape too much.  I think that will happen, though.

What kind of cover is it? 

It’s the http://www.speckproducts.com

It just says it’s a DustJacket (which is says is trademarked…ah, the magic of removing a space) ;). 

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Maybe surprisingly, I’m not that big on change.  🙂  That’s not really true for technology…I’m intrigued to see new versions, and I like seeing the software changes.  But it can take me a little while to adjust to changes in physical objects.

Have you found a cover/sleeve/case you like for the K3?  What’s on your list of wants when you shop for one?  Feel free to let me know…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

13 Responses to “Flash! I buy a Kindle 3 cover”

  1. Daz Says:

    It’s a nice looking case. Are you getting a skin for your K3 as well?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Daz!

      I had a skin on only one of my Kindles. It was specially designed by my offspring. Unfortunately, that was my Kindle that was lost or stolen. 😦 Skins are primarily for appearance’s sake, and that can be a lot of fun. For me, though, the visual aspect isn’t as important as the clean feel of the unadorned Kindle.

  2. Brian Hartman Says:

    Hi Bufo! Just wanted you to know that I’ve been happy with the Boxwave Kindle covers. We have four of them (K2 versions marked down to 8.99.) The one I’ll link to is an easel-type that my wife really likes.


    Synthetic leather and really nice looking.

    Thanks for all the good posts and I’m glad you had fun at the World Series! Very Cool!


    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Brian!

      That looks a bit like the m-edge. I definitely would have considered that one if I had noticed it. I’ll keep it in mind if I need another one.

      The World Series game was such a positive experience. Where I was, most people were just having a good time…might help that it was a blow out for the home team 😉 , but there was very little negative said (that wasn’t intentionally funny).

  3. Richard Orlin Says:

    I like the plain cover from Amazon. It’s not too big and folds over very easy. The cover with the light was too pricey. Beside, I have a $10 LED light that is just right. I saw the Speck cover at Target and, I’m sorry to say, was not impressed. It’s much bigger than the new Kindle. It looks like they took a cover from the Kindle 2 and just made a new holder to go inside. I’ll stick with my black Amazon cover. It may be leather, but _I_ didn’t kill the pig or calf.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Richard!

      I’m glad you have a cover you like. I don’t have a problem with other people using leather (that’s up to you), but that’s a deal-killer for me. Due to size of the plastic snap-holder in the Speck case, I don’t think it was designed for the K2. It didn’t catch me aesthetically, but my Significant Other liked it, and that counts a great deal with me. 🙂 It hit my base requirements, and that’s what I needed then. I liked my m-edge much better.

  4. Deb Says:

    I’ve been using the Tuff Luv covers for all my covers and my spouses and we just love them. There are several varieties to choose from, here is the link for one of the faux leather varieties. http://www.amazon.com/Tuff-Luv-Multi-view-Leather-Wireless-generation/dp/B003ZUXVTE/ref=sr_1_14?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1288568780&sr=1-14 These covers are not found by searching Kindle assessories, you have to search under electronics which I think is a bit unfair for the company as they have great products. I know it’s over your spending limit, but if you ever need another cover I highly recommend checking them out before you make a final decision. Enjoy your new cover!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Deb!

      That is an interesting looking cover! I could go higher than $29.95…that’s just something I want, but you can’t always get what you want, right? 🙂

    • Rebecca Says:

      Deb, these Tuff Luv covers look great! I’ve never seen them before.
      Do you ever get worried about pushing on that snap on top of your Kindle? Also, like Bufo, I’d like a pocket (I sometimes use an index card to keep characters straight in long novels) – do any of the Tuff Luv Kindle covers you own have one?
      I’m getting my first Kindle for my birthday next week! I’m surprised that most of the covers I’m coming across in my research don’t seem to have a pocket for, like, a business card, an index card, or a screen wipe.

      • bufocalvin Says:

        Thanks for writing, Rebecca!

        Congratulations on your upcoming Kindle!

        My m-edge covers do have a pocket, but this new one does not. I could put a business card sized thing under the stand, but I’d be concerned that a wipe would put too much pressure on the screen.

        If you have any questions after you get your Kindle, feel free to ask. 🙂

  5. JEM Says:

    (I have a Kindle 2 ) I use the SimpleCase from Grantwood technology It has a zipper and four corner elastic holders. It folds back for easy holding and reading. It does NOT have the easel stand that you prefer. It is unobstrustive and you can get it in any color as long as it’s black 😉
    Their customer service is excellent. (I did have a problem the first SimpleCase -they didn’t hesitate to send me a replacement within 2-3 days.)

    SimpleCase for Kindle 3 is $21.99

    this is the Simple Case:


  6. Deb Says:

    I stumbled upon the Tuff Luv cases by accident while browsing the electronics section but I’m so happy I did. I’d had several cases previously but nothing I’d really been happy with until TL.

    Although this is the first TL model to employ a snap (for better security for your Kindle) I’ve not had any problems with it at all. In fact, if you happen to use the lovely Kindle Kandle, you can unsnap the snap while you’re using it and the Kandle has a cutout the fits around it perfectly, it’s a great combo.

    My K2 TL cover did have a pocket but the new one doesn’t. I think everyone was in a hurry to get product available and didn’t spend time on “extras”. I hadn’t thought of it, but after BufoCalvin mentioned putting the wipe under the stand I tried it out. I used one of the small reuseable ones that you clean eye glasses with and it fits perfectly without adding any stress to the case. Plus, if you could feel this case you’d understand more, they don’t call it TOUGH Luv for nothing. It’s the sturdest case I’ve ever seen yet without adding excessive weight. Honestly, if they keep their standards of production up, I don’t see myself purchasing anything but a TL case until K40 or so.

  7. Rebecca Says:

    Still researching covers here. It seems like I’ve almost read more about the covers now than when deciding to get the actual Kindle! :).
    Have any of you ever tried the JAVOedge cases? Their MiMo Flip Case has a kickstand, pockets, magnetic closure, is made of “Animal Friendly” material, and is only $25.

    The JAVOedge Cherry Blossom ones look pretty good too, but I’m not loving the fabric pattern. Plus I wonder about the long-term durability of fabric.
    However, there’s no photo of either of them folded all the way back comfortably. And for you, Bufo, I suppose the kickstand design wouldn’t work for brushing your teeth. 🙂

    For me, it’s down to one of these JAVOedges, the Tuff-Luv Veggie Multi-View, or just a plain old Amazon case (I keep being drawn back to that blue). I was hoping to get an M-Edge after finding out the company supports “E-Books for Troops” but I’m not loving their Kindle 3 options as much as some of the ones they seem to have offered for the Kindle 2. Hmmmm.

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