Thanks, Allison!

Thanks, Allison!

I just got my first gifted Kindle book!

That was out of the blue, very unexpected, and very much appreciated.  🙂

I assume Allison is a reader of the blog, although I realized that you could get to my gift list through my Amazon Author Central page.  There is an Allison who posts on the forum, and it could be from that person.  It seems less appropriate to bring it up in the forum, so I hope Allison sees this.  🙂  It’s probably also worth noting that nothing told me who it was.  The e-mail came from Amazon…all I had was the name that Allison had put on it. 

I really don’t think of that list as being public!  I think of it for my family and friends…wow, it does say “geek” all over it.  😉  I also may need to update it…

Allison suggested I might write about the process of receiving it.  I had sent myself a book to test it, but let me just say, this was a snap!

I got it in my e-mail, just clicked the link, accepted the gift, and that was it.

If I had wanted a gift certificate instead, Amazon says to check with Kindle Customer Service (I presume before accepting the gift, but I would think you could call them afterwards).

Super simple, non-intrusive…worked very well.

Thanks again, Allison…and thanks for the kind words in your message!  The one thing I’ll say is that the message was truncated (cut off).  That’s kind of funny!  I just checked it, and the words inserted by Amazon

(note 300 char limit)

count against the 300 character (including spaces) limit.  🙂  You actually get 279 characters because of that…in case you count characters as you type.  🙂

For more information on gifting Kindle books, see this

earlier post 

Well, now I’ve really got to get to work on my new book on the Kindle 3!  I won’t get it done by Black Friday, but I do want to finish it soon.  I think it is going to make a good gift both for people who have had the device and for whom it is new. 

I have to reassess all of my titles in the Kindle store.  Finishing the new one comes first, but I’ll go ahead and share my thoughts on the others:

Frequently Asked Kindle Questions ($1.00)

This one concerns me a bit because it is out of date for the K3.  All of these questions may not be so frequently asked, and the answers may have changed somewhat.  I’m loathe to pull it entirely from the store.  I’m either going to have to update it considerably, or make it clear in the description that it may be updated.  I’m going to cover pretty much all of this material in the new book, so I may just go with the out-of-date warning.

Free Books for Your Kindle  ($2.85)

Well, obviously, I should raise that fourteen cents.  🙂  I originally set it to that price because, at a 30% royalty, I would get a dollar a copy.  However, with the new 70% royalty at $2.99 (the minimum for that deal), I’d get about $2.09.  The information in there is still useful, but could be updated a bit.  In particular, I need to update it to point out that the K3s can get personal documents wirelessly for free when using wifi.  I’ll probably review this one for updating early next year.

ILMK! (I Love My Kindle!): Being an Appreciation of Amazon’s E-Book Reader, with Tips, Explanations, and Humor (Revised Edition) ($1.00)

Hmm…this one is a little tricky.  It has the fiction (including The Happy Little Bookworm), and I want to keep all that out there.  It could be updated as well.  The tips and explanations have to be examined, though, to see if they are obsolete.  For a buck right now, I’ll leave it.

The Collected I Love My Kindle Blog Volume 1 ($3.95)

I think I’ll probably leave this one as is.  It’s the first 101 posts from this blog.  In fact, I’ll do a volume 2 in the next several months, I’d say.

The Disabled Deserve to Read: The Controversy Over the Amazon Kindle’s Voice (revised) ($1.00)

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t need to be updated too much.  I will add something to it at some point about the audible menus in the K3s, and maybe about the legal action with the DX in colleges.  There is a possibility that this may change quite a bit in the not too distant future, and then I will update this.

I have a couple of other works I may do as well (not exactly Kindle related).  The blog is my main writing focus right now, honestly.  I write the equivalent of a more than a 100 page book every month, for this blog alone.  That slows down the other writing…but this is fun.  🙂  I’m especially grateful to those who subscribe through the Kindle store…that justifies the time and energy I spend on this.  You can’t currently gift blogs, by the way, but maybe that wil happen.  I’m also hoping that they include blogs when they enable magazines and newspapers on iDevices later this year…and expand them to other reader apps, later.

Thanks again, Allison…that was really thoughtful!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog. 


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  1. Allison Says:

    You’re welcome! Just so you know, the words (note 300 char limit) were entered into the message by me, just pointing it out as a detail in the process. It was funny though, I previewed the message, some of it was cut off. Once I hit send, I got an error message pointing out that the comment was too long.

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