Drake Mendocino

Drake Mendocino

“Now, Miss Amethyst Heartfire.  You will tell me the location of the Miner’s Sorrow, or my associates will be forced to do something both unpleasant and primitive, and ruin that pretty frock you are wearing.”

“Drop those gats, you mugs!  Now, grab a piece of sky!  Get a good grip…you might want to take a piece with you.  Where you’re going, you aren’t going to see anything above your ugly noggins but the concrete floor of the cell upstairs.”

“Cheese it, boys!  It’s Drake Mendocino!  The jig is up!”

“Scattered back to their mouseholes, huh!  Not you, Rat King!  The cops are outside, they’ll make short work of your stooges.  But I want you to take care of my girl first.  Hold on, Amy!  I’ll be down there faster than a hack can start his taximeter.  But first, your highness, I want you to take her gag off…nice and easy.  I don’t want you messing up that kisser of hers, you got me?”

“Drake, look out!  It’s a trap!”

“What th–“

Wait a minute, that’s not right.  I’m writing this to let you know about our trip to Mendocino.  But gee, Drake Mendocino would make  a great hard-boiled detective name, wouldn’t it?  😉


My Kindle 3, Drake, on the Mendocino coast

We wanted to take a few quiet days, so we went to the Andiron Seaside Inn in Little River on the Mendocino coast.  Just my Significant Other and me…and Drake, my Kindle 3.  🙂

Yes, that’s right…I didn’t even take a laptop.  We really needed some quiet time.  I love the time that I spend writing the blog, and my SO is supportive.  Sometimes, though, it’s important to just focus on each other.

The room was perfect for that.  They call it the “Read” room.  It’s all based on reading…there is a photo mural of a library, old books…even some of the furniture is from Stacey’s Books, a late, lamented, local favorite in San Francisco.

We both had our Kindles.  We’d also downloaded the new Autobiography of Mark Twain.  That’s one of the great things about the Kindle service: we can both read the same new release at the same time for one purchase price.   Not that we’re competitive, or anything…but I am ahead.  😉

Mendocino was wonderful for us!  Wonderful vegetarian restaurants, funky little stores…and just going to that craggy coast, as you can see above. 

I was honestly expecting more books in the room…with their attention to detail, I think there were exactly 100.  I jokingly said, “100 books?  Dude, that’s my bathroom!”  😉 

The Kindle 3 came in handy, though.  The inn had wi-fi..no problem connecting.  I honestly didn’t use it much…we did use it to find a restaurant or two.  On the way back, we decided to see Harry Potter…so we checked showtimes.  It wasn’t complicated, though, since it was playing every half hour at our local theatre.  😉

So, that’s where we were.  Oh, and burglars, that doesn’t mean the house was empty…it wasn’t.  🙂

Now…tomorow, we’ll see what’s been happening in the e-book world for the past few days…  😉

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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