Flash! Amazon enables gifting of MP3s

Flash! Amazon enables gifting of MP3s

Following on the heels of allowing Kindle e-book gifting, Amazon has now enabled MP3 gifting.

 Giving and Receiving Amazon MP3 Gifts help page

Does this affect Kindle users?  Absolutely, and other EBR (E-Book Readers) as well.  Your Kindle plays music, audiobooks, Old Time Radio  shows…any MP3 audio.

 Yes, the Kindle is primarily a reading device.  Some people listen to music when the read, so that’s sort of the excuse for the MP3 capability 😉 , but audiobooks (including free ones may be in the MP3 format).  I also just use it for music sometimes…there, I confessed.  😉

Amazon has a section for

Special MP3 deals

which includes freebies.

That’s worth noting, and different from free e-books.  You can gift a free MP3…I just double-checked a free e-book, and you couldn’t gift it  Another difference, at least from the way it was originally announced, is that you have a simple click in the recipient e-mail that lets you exchange the MP3 for a gift card.  When I got an e-book as a gift, I didn’t have that link.   I did have the option to exchange it (I didn’t), but it wasn’t as obvious. 

This is a nice gift to consider.  MP3s are “platform independent”…you can be pretty sure that anybody to whom you send one can listen to it, even if it is on a computer.  Think beyond current music…what about

Now, it does have one limitation that Kindle gifting has…you can’t pick a delivery date.  I’m hoping that is something they implement soon.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.


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