Flash! Amazon to sell previous gen Kindles for $89 on Black Friday

Flash! Amazon to sell previous gen Kindles for $89 on Black Friday

UPDATE: Here’s the link…wait until 9:00 AM PST…make sure it is $89 before you buy:


Well, I said I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this.

Amazon has announced on its Twitter feed that they will have a “…Limited number of previous gen Kindle”s on sale for $89 on Black Friday (November 26 2010), starting at 9 AM PST.

Presumably, these will be Kindle 2s…and they may be refurbs, they don’t say.  Still, I would guess those will sell out quickly.  That beats the $99 that some Best Buys will have the NOOK wifi.  It’s a great deal, and it is official.  I’ll give you a direct link as soon as I can.

Thanks to readers wes and elaine for giving me a heads-up.  See?  I didn’t even check Twitter in Mendocino…although this is with in 12 hours of the posting. 

I’d also made an error in the prices I listed…I appreciate that several people alerted me to that, and I apologize for the confusion.  I was trying to write ahead a few days, and I was having real problems with the WordPress interface.  So, I did make an error on one of the prices, but it is corrected now.  Thanks again to everybody who caught that!

In case you happened to start with that post…well, that wasn’t the best example of my work.  🙂 

Let’s see…what else can I predict that I want to have go the other way?  😉  Just kidding…I was really talking about sales on the currently available Kindles, although I didn’t specify that.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “Flash! Amazon to sell previous gen Kindles for $89 on Black Friday”

  1. Mike H. Says:

    On Amazon’s facebook and twitter accounts they stated:

    “Amazon Kindle: Please note that all second generation Kindles offered through the Lightning Deal on Black Friday will be new devices – not refurbished.”

    $89 for a brand new Kindle… not bad. I have a K3, but still, a different model Kindle as a spare could be useful.

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Mike!

      Well, I’m planning to go through everything thoroughly today. I’l get this all updated.

      Thanks for sharing!

      ETA (Edited To Add): You know, I’ve read the Twitter post @AmazonKindle at I don’t see that there. I’ll check FaceBook.

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