Flash! NOOKColor commercial

Flash! NOOKColor commercial

I actually saw this one on TV…then looked it up for you:


I think it’s pretty good.  It does make the device look fun…very responsive touchscreen, good-looking magazines and newspapers…and oh yeah, books. 😉

It was a little misleading, though, when they talk about sharing books…it’s three people.  If they are talking about the LendMe program, two of them would have had to have bought the book…since you can only ever lend a book once.  Oh, and they mention sharing your “favorite books”…that’s only going to work if your favorite books happen to be books the publisher lets you lend…fewer than half of the titles in the store, last I checked.

Still, I think the ad is going to impress some people…the product looks nice, if you don’t know about the battery life and other concerns.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

9 Responses to “Flash! NOOKColor commercial”

  1. Sara Says:

    My best friend has fallen prey to the charms of this commercial! She just announced that she was planning on buying a NOOK Color for Christmas…

    I can see the appeal though. It’s attractive; the screen is fresh and crisp (but it’s LCD…) and it’s surprisingly thin. However, I wonder what the hole on the bottom left of the device is for..

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Sara!

      I’m sure that will happen with quite a few people, I appreciate you sharing it.

      I’m curious…would you consider your friend a serious book reader? I’m sure she’ll be happy with the NOOK, but there are Kindle store factors that could be convincing. But hey, if you want magazines, newspapers…and Angry Birds, the NOOKcolor is a good choice. 😉

  2. Rivery Says:

    Hi Bufo.

    My SO saw one in a coffe shop (not B&N’s) and wanted one. We got one. It is a nice device. But I am still doing most of my reading on my Kindle and he is on his Sony. The backlighting isn’t to bad with the brightness turned down. I was more impressed than I expected to be!

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Rivery!

      I really appreciate that field report. So, you have a Kindle and a Sony…I’m curious, what prompted the third device? Was the thought to replace or supplement? The NOOKcolor can do some things the Kindle and Sony can’t (like color and playing Angry Birds) 😉 …was that the draw?

      • Rivery Says:

        I think my SO just thought it was “cool” :).  No, it was purchased with the intention of it being a device we share.  I can move over some of his Sony books that I have been interested in, and any future books that we both would like will be loaded on the Nook.  Also, he has vision difficulty in low light conditions and was unable to find a book light that worked for him, so the lcd is nice.  He likes the touch screen, I don’t really.  The color is very nice and will be good for some items.  I will have to give Angry Bird a try!

  3. arif Says:

    I like your writing, always successful

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