Barnes & Noble: Millions of NOOKs sold

Barnes & Noble:  Millions of NOOKs sold

Barnes & Noble announces some interesting things in this

Press Release 

First, I’ d have to say…it’s very carefully written.  That’s not a bad thing, but people are going to read it as saying something different from what it is saying.

For example, you may see headlines that B&N says they have sold more e-books than paperbooks.  What they actually said was:

“…now sells more digital books than its large and growing physical book business on…”

That’s through the website, not through the stores.

I also liked this one from CEO William Lynch:

“NOOKcolor became the gift of choice over the holidays for people who love to read everything – books, magazines, newspapers, children’s books and more – in rich, beautiful color…”

If you stop fifteen words into it, that makes it sound like people who love to read chose the NOOK.  I don’t know how they actually prove this statement…the way it is stated, if you like to read newspapers in black and white, you don’t count.  🙂

One other nice figure, and then I’ll suggest you read the press release: they say they sold one million NOOKbooks on Christmas Day alone!  That includes downloads for their apps, and I don’t know if it counts free books, but that is still impressive.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog


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