Random Tips #1

Random Tips #1

I like to cover a subject in-depth, like I do in the Frequent Asked Kindle Questions category.  However, that can be a lot to swallow at one time.  I like giving you the big picture, the whys and wherefores.  Sometimes, though, you just want to hear something cool and self-contained.  🙂  So, this time, I’m just going to give you little random tips.  After all, you can search the blog to find things…even if they are in a patchwork quilt post.  Let me know if you like this, and I’ll think about doing it again


Want to know what time it is?  Hit the Menu button and look at the top of your screen (unless you have a K1…then it’s Alt+T).

Want to add a bookmark?  Alt+B

Want to skip to the next song?  Alt+F

Want to build a list of words you learn on the Kindle?  As you look up a word, hit Enter.  That opens the dictionary…highlight the word just like you would in any book

Want to see how much memory you have left on your Kindle?  Hit the Menu key, it’s in your top left corner of the screen

Want to put your contact information on your Kindle?  Home-Menu-Settings, page next, page next, edit Personal Info

Want to change which Kindle is the default when you buy something?  Rename it…the list is alphabetical

Want to see the book description of a book you are reading?  Menu-Book Description (you’ll need Whispernet on)

Want to pause text-to-speech?  Spacebar

Want to cancel a subscription?  http://www.amazon.com/manageyourkindle

Want to use your Kindle for sound effects or sound clips?  Put the files in the Audible folder

Want to e-mail your clippings from Kindle store books?  Go to http://kindle.amazon.com, copy and paste

Want to see what books are free in the Kindle store right now?  http://www.ereaderiq.com/free/

Want to borrow and lend Kindle books with strangers for free?  http://www.kindlelendingclub.com

Want to refresh your Kindle screen?  Alt+G

Want to “return” a Kindle store book within seven days for a refund?  Go to http://www.amazon.com/kindlesupport and click the Contact Us button.  I’d suggest you call them or have them call you.

Want to connect your Kindle to an external sound system that has an Aux jack (that might be your car)?  Get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male cable

Want to see the cover of your Kindle book on your Kindle 3?  Menu-Go To…-Cover

Want to change to Landscape mode (wide rather than tall)?  Aa

Want to make a website bigger?  Aa, choose a zoom percentage

Want to look up a phrase in Wikipedia?  Highlight the phrase, hit spacebar, use your 5-way to get to Wikipedia.

Want to start your music playing without using the menus?  Alt+Spacebar

Want to share the highlight you just made on Twitter or Facebook?  Alt+Enter

Want to get to a website without using the Menu key?  Home, type in the basic name, use your 5-way to look it up in Google.

Want to switch to a different wireless provider on a K3?  Home-Menu-Settings, Alt_E, Alt+Q, Alt+Q (311).  That may improve reception.

Not sure what you want to do?  Try the Menu key.


Whew!  Feel free to share any tips you have…or ask any questions.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog

17 Responses to “Random Tips #1”

  1. Dave Says:

    Neat post. I’ve never used a bookmark. Not sure what I would use it for (my book always opens to the last page I was on obviously), but how many can you have and how do you get back to it/them?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Dave!

      Bookmarks on a Kindle aren’t really like that one unicorn one with the tassel. 😉 They are more like the flags you would use in a textbook. When you bookmark it, you’ll see a virtual dog-ear (triangle) in the corner, as if you folded over the page (shiver…I never did that).

      To get back to them, it’s

      Menu – View My Notes & Marks

  2. Blonde Says:

    Perfect! Short and Clear! Thank´s

  3. Denise Says:

    Thanks so much for the random tips list Bufo! I look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  4. Lady Galaxy Says:

    I am surprised that the most frequently asked question isn’t, “How the bleep do you turn the bleeping thing off?” I just got my Kindle 3 (after loving my Kindle 1 for two years) and I quickly figured out how to put it to sleep and how to wake it up, but I can’t figure out how to turn it OFF! Do you have a random tip for that, or is it just not possible to turn it off, or am I overlooking a gigantic “off button” the way I overlooked the “home” button on my Kindle 1 until I got the Kindle 3? And who on earth thought it was a good idea to put the “down” arrow right above the “back” button? My short fat thumb keeps hitting the down button in addition to the down button and I end up going back where I didn’t want to go? [And FYI, when I tried to submit a comment using the Camino browser for Mac, there was no box to type in my name, so my post kept getting rejected. I filled it out again in Safari. We’ll see if it works.]

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Lady!


      First, you don’t need to turn it off…that was true with the K1 as well. It’s better just to let it sleep (which it does on its own) according to Amazon, unless you aren’t going to use it for an extended period.

      If you do want to turn it off, hold the power button to your right as you face the screen until the screen goes blank…it wil be about five seconds. Let go at that point…if you hold it for about twenty seconds, it will restart.

      I’ve had Kindles since the Kindle 1, and I like this arrangement much better. I didn’t like having to take the Kindle out of the cover just to turn it off…and I especially didn’t like having to get out a paperclip to do a restart. 🙂 I’d stll like to have a keyboard shortcut for sleep, but that’s no biggie.

      I’ve never had a problem with the back button, but I do use my nail to push the ridge on the navigator (hm…that sounds oddly creepy for some reason). 😉

      You should have a Kindle User’s Guide on your Kindle. I don’t mind you asking me at all 🙂 , but to save some frustration in the future, you can search that. I just typed in


      and clicked on


      and saw the answer about the power switch on the first screen.

  5. Curtis Says:

    Great tips. Any shortcut for “Back” for those of us with K2’s and a busted Back key?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Curtis!

      Hm…I don’t know of any keyboard shortcut for Back. If you’ve got a broken Kindle, I’d look at replacing it…

      Stupid physical world! Software is easier to fix. 😉

  6. Marie Says:

    Do you have a tip for resetting the last page read back to the beginning. I often re-read my books. It’s a pain only because I use my K3 and my iPod Touch. (occasionally my Android). Whispersync can be turned off but that’s not the solution I’m looking for.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  7. Michael Says:

    I’d like to have my contact info on the Kindle lock screen. That way, if lost, someone can see the lockscreen (I have password protected the device) and see my name, phone number, email and perhaps will return the thing to me. Any suggestion?

    • bufocalvin Says:

      Thanks for writing, Michael!

      Personally, I’m not comfortable with having my contact information visible on the device. That’s one of the reasons people steal electronics: to get personal information and scam the person to whom they are “returning” it, or just sell the data.

      I recommend that you get a sticker from a recovery services company. There is a toll-free number on the sticker that a finder can use to have the Kindle returned to you…with no personal information exchanged. For more information, see this post::


      You can’t change the sleep mode picture (“screensaver”), which is what I assume you are calling the “lock screen”, without violating your Terms of Service with Amazon.

      You can, however, put your contact information as the password hint, if you want. Some people do that..if someone tried to unlock the Kindle, they could see that.

      You could also just put a sticker on it with your contact information, although again, I don’t recommend that. Stickers are not dependent on the Kindle having power, though, which is nice. The Kindle will generally maintain a sleep mode picture without power, of course, but I think if the battery charge runs completely out, the screen may go blank, as it does when the device is turned off. I don’t know that for sure, though.

  8. Michael Says:

    Bufocalvin: Thank you for an excellent and informative response!

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