Flash! Mary Worth and e-books

Flash! Mary Worth and e-books

Mary Worth is a decades old comic strip…it’s not the oldest running one (Katzenjammer Kids and Gasoline Alley are older…although we’ve seen Little Orphan Annie and Brenda Starr come to an end recently).

The title character typically dispenses advice  and is the voice of mature wisdom.

Thanks to Josiah Wilson in the Amazon Kindle community for the heads-up that Mary is currently discussing an EBR (Electronic Book Reader):

Mary Worth comic strip

You can go through the strip day by day…the story arc started on January 24th.

While Mary is initially saying she doesn’t think an EBR is for her, I think the strip is even-handed so far.  Her “objections” are perfectly reasonable and what I commonly have heard in the real world.  She is given good responses.

My guess is that the author of the strip, Karen Moy (Joe Giella is the artist), has and loves her own EBR…I’m just guessing, though.

I also expect it will end up with Mary embracing the technology…after all, she is known for making good choices.  😉

Hats off to the strip for keeping current!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog

2 Responses to “Flash! Mary Worth and e-books”

  1. Flash! Mary Worth and e-books | Kindle Digest Says:

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  2. Joel Says:

    Ha – I’m just glad that the strip has given my the proper reply to my non-Kindle appreciating friends and family. “Suit yourself. Your Luddite self.”

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