Brain Bump & Easy Calculator

Brain Bump & Easy Calculator

Here are a couple of new “active content” titles for Kindles (except the Kindle 1 and not the free reader apps…and, I think, only available in the USA).  One is a game and one’s a utility.

Easy Calculator (ninety-nine cents at time of writing)

Your Kindle already has a simple calculator in it…just go to home and type a calculation, like


(on a K3 or KDX, do Alt+W to get started)

and hit Enter.

You’ll see the formula and the result at the top of the screen.

As I mentioned, though, that only works for simple calculations.  Easy Calculator does percentages, square roots, that kind of thing. 

It looks like it shows you key-mapping on the screen, and then you type on the Kindle’s keyboard to match those keys.

This seems like a sort of gimmick some people might want to have.  You may already have a calculator on your phone, but this might be easier to see.

Brain Bump Literature Trivia Game (ninety-nine cents at time of writing)

Why do you need active content to play trivia?  Well, it does keep track of your score…and you can go directly from a question in the game to a related book in the Kindle store.  That could have been done with hyperlinks, but there may be something to the game interface that makes this worth playing….hard to tell from the pictures.

If you try either of these, feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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