Finding lendable books in the Kindle store

 Finding lendable books in the Kindle store

While the lending feature for Kindle books is pretty limited (largely in the same way as the LendMe feature for the NOOK), some people do take it into account when they buy books.

Amazon hasn’t given us an easy way of which I know to  find books with that capability.

Well, I did find a way that works pretty well when PokerRun3 asked me on my Amazon Author Central page.

Go to .

Enter this:


That will find you books that have the lending enabled.

It will find you other things, too, like discussions about the issue, but it worked pretty well.

I got 858,000 results…remember, those aren’t just books, they are also discussions and such

However, that is out of “only” 886,343 titles in the Kindle store.

Could it be that only something like 30,000 books aren’t lendable?

I’m guessing not…I think it’s some issue with the search results (maybe it could report a book more than once…if there were tags on the page, for example). 

However, it does seem possible.  With my estimate that 20,000 and more indie books go into the Kindle store each month, it wouldn’t surprise me if indies (with lending enabled) are the vast majority by now…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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