New Active Content: Checkers, Strimko

New Active Content: Checkers, Strimko

“Active Content” continues to be added to the Kindle store.

I wish they’d make that part of the store more user-friendly.  They do have a navigation link on the main Kindle store page, which takes you here:

Kindle Active Content

However, once you get there, you can’t search within the category or see all of the items in that category.  In fact, this page is actually labeled “Popular Games & Active Content” which is what appears to be…not all of them.

When you go to bestsellers, you can’t choose Active Content as a separate category.

What this means is that it is kind of hard to find the titles, even if you know the name of one.  You can’t sort by publication date or bestselling.

This may affect sales…it seems to take Amazon a few days before something shows up in the places they promote Active Content.  That was apparently true for the Notepad app from 7 Dragons.

I’d written about it, as had some other bloggers.  The app did well, and was well-reviewed (that’s still true: it has 49 5-star reviews, 5 4-stars, and 3 3-stars at time of writing…that’s an average of 4.8, a very high score). 

I don’t think it was until Amazon mentioned it, though, that it shot to #1 paid in the Kindle store (it’s #6 right now).

It also appears to take them a bit of time before something gets a sales-ranking.

That means it helps a lot in the beginning when a game/app publisher lets the Amazon Kindle community know. 

I’d seen a thread in the Amazon Kindle community from Matt from A Gamz announcing a new

Checkers (ninety-nine cents at time of writing)

game for the Kindle. 

He was also nice enough to drop a note at my About page for this blog.

I haven’t tried it myself, but it does seem pretty full-featured:

  • Ten levels of difficulty
  • You can get hints
  • Choose whether you use “force jump” or not
  • Undo
  • Pass and play
  • Swap sides
  • Random openings

The Kindle is getting to be like carrying your own little game cabinet.  Wait, you didn’t have a game cabinet in your house?  Well, you know what I mean.  😉

Strimko ($2.99 at time of writing)
Braintonic Games

This one is a variation on Sudoku.  In addition to the normal idea of Sudoku (placing numbers in a grid without repeating the numbers in a row or column….there’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic idea), this version also has “streams” that meander through the grid…which also require unique placement.

I’m not sure if that’s going to enhance the appeal.  I’ve never really gotten into Sudoku, but I had the sense that it was the…linear nature of the game that was partly attractive. 

No reviews yet…you could be the first.  🙂

If you try these, feel free to let me know what you think.  I’m particularly interested in how kid-friendly Checkers is, and how Strimko appeals to Sudoku fanatics.

As with other Active Content titles, these don’t work on the K1, but do work on K2s, K3s, and the KDX.  They don’t work in reader apps, and I assume they can’t be purchased outside the US.

You can buy these games once and share them with all compatible devices on the account.

For information on more active content, see this category.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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