Second round of Borders closings

Second round of Borders closings


Borders Closing
Hey, how about that…photojournalism!  😉

When Borders filed for bankruptcy, there was a list of stores that were being closed.

In my area (the San Francisco Bay Area), it was mostly the big, high-rent stores…Union Square, Santana Row.

My local Borders wasn’t on the list and has been open.

This weekend, though, my Significant Other noticed it was closing (does that make my SO a “cub blogger”?).  😉

I went in today…everything was on sale, and magazines were 40% off.  I’d like to stop buying paper magazines, but I haven’t quite done that yet.  An Amazon tablet would probably take care of that habit…if it had things like Famous Monsters of Filmland (I bought a copy today).  There is a digital version of that, so I’m hoping. 

While I was waiting in line, I could hear the conversation of the salesclerks and the customers.  I wasn’t trying to do that…and I really only heard the salesclerk (they are facing the line).

Besides the fact that somebody bought more than $700 worth of stuff (and fixtures aren’t on sale yet), there was talk about the situation.

They confirmed it as a second round of closing.  All of the ones in my area are closing…after this wave, the closest one will be something like thirty miles away…and not in a direction I’d go casually.  It’s possible that I’ll never go into a Borders again (although they’d have to close another one I use to make that happen).

That does give me a bit of a catch in the throat, although I know it makes sense.  Yes, I read my Kindle in line at the closing of the Borders.  😉  It’s not the Kindle’s fault, though, not entirely…Borders, I believe, would have been in trouble anyway.  Maybe not as soon, but they weren’t adapting quickly enough to changing conditions…which would have been hard for them.

I picture it a bit like the Titanic, and a salesclerk yelling up to the manager, “E-books…dead ahead!”  They knew it was coming, but they couldn’t stop.  😉 

Not just e-books, of course…Costco, Amazon online for paperbooks, and so on.

The place was busy, but these were the same employees handling the closing…not a liquidation company. 

Here’s what it looked like behind the counter:

Behind the Counter

As you can see from that (maybe), they weren’t taking Borders coupons or checks, but otherwise, things were as you would expect if they weren’t closing.

They have an updated closure list (with 27 more stores) here:

Updated Reorganization Closure List

The new stores are highlighted with closing dates…drat, they are closing my other regular one! 

That means I might have been in my last Borders…here’s a story I wrote about what it might be like after bookstores close.

A Trip to the Bookstore

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

2 Responses to “Second round of Borders closings”

  1. Common Sense Says:

    Ours isn’t on the list and the ones that are are too far to check out for discounts. I don’t usually shop at Borders anyway. We have a double mall, Borders is in the indoor mall and B&N is in the outdoor mall across the street. I always liked B&N better; I was in one today, we bought 2 magazines. The malls each also have UA theaters, it’s kind of a strange setup really.

    I remember when B Dalton’s and Waldenbooks closed. It’s sad, but it’s the way of things.

  2. Sign at closing Borders: “Need a restroom? Use Amazon’s.” « I Love My Kindle Says:

    […] This is part of the second round of Borders closings that I’ve written about recently. […]

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