If a tweet follows in the forest…

If a tweet follows in the forest…

What do Attack of the Show (the Orageek of Delphi) and Stephen Schwartz  (the composer/lyricist of Godspell and Wicked) have in common?

Us.  🙂

They both follow me on Twitter, and I always assume that’s most likely to be because of ILMK.  I say “us” instead of “me”, even though that might seem contrived, because I consider this blog in some ways a group effort.  I write the posts, but there is a feedback loop, like a live performance.  If the readers weren’t the same, the blog would be different  It’s evolved over time, and you are part of that.  Thank you.

Anyway, can’t you just see Kevin Pereira and Stephen Schwartz discussing second act hooks and MMORPGs?

Actually, I sort of can.  😉

I was just honestly impressed that AOTS was following.  It’s like the day that ILMK passed both The Onion and the Huffington Post in ranking at the Kindle store.

There’s this weird intersection with e-books…readers, geeks, and gadgeteers.  Those aren’t necessarily the ones that would sit at the same school lunchroom table, if you know what I mean.  Of course, geeks and readers can go together…but it would be a bit of a surprise if someone whipped out Jane Austen while his or her character was trying to heal.  😉 

Okay, okay, I do have to admit…maybe AOTS started following me because I wrote in The Measured Circle yesterday that Archer got renewed.  😉

Still, there is this odd phenomenon that e-books are making reading cool. 

Geeks and musical theatre are cool, right?

Um…maybe I need to rethink this premise.  😉

Let me check…Sports Illustrated?  Still not following…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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